The Mystery Of Love Episode 13


Linda Pov

After i left my office to go see Lucas, I met Mrs Williams, she was also walking towards the same direction immediately i went to greet her, but what got me puzzled was her look on my chain,

“My chain, that was what i heard her say, It was like a mystery to me, how can she say the chain that was given to me as a gift hers?? I wanted to explain but no she won’t let me

“see me in my office”, I heard her say angrily. I was still confused,
does that mean Aunty Caro has been stealing?, I was really confused, though I knew i didn’t do it, I knew i don’t steal but who will believe me on this.

I knew the situation at hand wasn’t going to be pleasant one , Mrs Williams is a strict and principled person, I have heard a lot about her, I knew she had the final say, what if she sacks me? or get me into trouble, I sighed as i opened the door to her office,

” Ma i know nothing about the chain, it was given to me as a gift

“really? so you have used all the stupid tricks to seduce him right? she replied , what is she talking about??

“I don’t understand what you’re saying Ma. She didn’t give me the chance to explain, since she wasn’t going to allow me talk, I just said a word of pray that things doesn’t get out of hands .Her phone rang , she didn’t bother to check, then it rang for the second time she was busy harassing me saying I’m a b—h trying to use her son to build wealth, but I really didn’t know what she meant by that , her phone rang the third time then she looked at the phone but thank God she decided to answer, at least all the harassment will stop for the time being .

“Hello son” then i realized that it was Lucas she was talking to, I stood there just praying for a miracle. “I’m here with the thief” she said while the call was still connected, thief? God did she just call me a thief. I looked at the ceiling, what sort of thing is happening this morning, she started again, “b—h like you are not worthy to be here, you’re fired”, she said as she stood up and drag the Chain off my neck,” you’re a thief” she said,

But I’m not a. . . .” She cut me off again, she kept saying it over and over again, then the door opened, it was Lucas. thank goodness at least someone is here i sighed.

Lucas Pov
I wasn’t feeling comfortable with the argument anymore, what must have caused this between Mom and the secretary I said to myself, I opened the door, I wasn’t surprised anyway because i had seen them through the door where i was peeping, but the truth is I was confused seeing the two together with what i heard them saying,

I clearly heard their conversation, it was about someone who stole something, but who stole and what was being stolen ?

“Mom” i said as i saw her in her angry state,

” so you have been going out with this dirty girl and you even have the gust to lie to me because of her” she replied.

“Mom what are you talking about?”,

“for your information she’s fired” she said. I looked at Linda who was not looking at me neither was she looking at Mom . I knew she had lost her job because Mom had the final say.

“But mom i have known Linda to be a peaceful person and believe me she’s hardworking, but what was her offence if i may ask”, I saw her look me awkwardly ,

” I knew she must have used you”, she said, “well the thief that stole your heart, the one you gave my chain to, I have got it back, but believe me she’s fired , and I will make her pay for playing games with me. I will make her realize whom i am”, she said before she left the room. Chain, how, I looked at Linda who was short of words,

“Linda I’m sorry, I knew Mom can be awkward, but believe me, she’s not always like this”, i said to her with a sad look on her face “what happened” I asked.

She told me about a family friend who came to visit her some weeks back and brought her the pure Gold Chain and she told me that the chain was a present, but I was kind of confused , I knew the b—h that took the chain was a harlot, I really can’t recognize her, does that mean she was the same b—h I hooked up with that very night, then i remembered what happened at the club yesterday, does that means she’s a harlot?? What was she doing in the club at that time, how do i believe all she’s saying

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Linda Pov
Really I couldn’t imagine, everyone seems not to believe me, how can everyone conclude that i stole it, even Lucas that was supposed to have believed me too isn’t making  me feel better, I couldn’t believe that I was losing everything all because of the Chain that was a present to me by Aunty Caro, well maybe it was theirs I can’t tell, I just wanted Aunty Caro to explain to me.

I never wanted the chain, Mom forced me to collect it from her, I groaned. Later that day i packed all my stuff, I knew it going to be difficult but who knows. I left the company earlier that day, I got home to meet Mom who was surprised to see me back by that time of the day, I explained what happened, even Lucas couldn’t believe me as well, I groaned, but to my surprise Mom just laughed whiles i kept talking,

“but Mom why are you laughing, this is a serious issue “

” yeah” she said “but don’t worry my dear it will be fine”, what’s Mom talking about.

“you seems not to understand what I’m saying Mom” i replied. But honestly i just wanted to see Aunty Caro, I knew her house but she wouldn’t be home, I went there multiple times but the door was locked up, God I really don’t want to lose my job, it took me some time to get this job , and it’s not even up to a month and i am being fired again. Gosh!!!!!