The Mystery Of Love Episode 14


Lucas Pov

This is strange, I needed a proper explanation from her, yes i accept the fact that i had feelings for her, she’s just a lady who’s working under me as a secretary and nothing more unlike Mom had in mind , I couldn’t believe that the Chain was found on her.

I knew the quality of the chain and its worth could change one’s life to a better one, how can she still lie that it was a present, no one would have given such a pure Gold to a person as a present when its value was worth billions of dollars.

I left the office after work, though I had called Michael to come meet me at home, but he told me he couldn’t make it due to his schedule for the day, so i went straight to meet him at his office, I was warmly welcomed by the securities, Micheal had been a guy that likes women, I knocked on his door, but what i heard got me nuts, it was a lady moaning, she must have come for a quickie, but why here in his office, why not go to a hotel or better still go to his house rather than coming here, I knocked repeatedly before the two could hear me, the smell from the room could disvirgin a new born baby, thank goodness at least Michael opened up,

“oh man” he said as the door flanked opened. The lady was trying to put on her skirt, I knew Michael just finished f**king her, she left immediately and i went in,

“but Micheal this is not good” i said to him who only laughed,

“Man I do whatever i like, I pay her so she must provide her service” he smiled.

“Well I’m not here for this, I came for something more important than this,” really i saw him put on his trouser properly.

“I found the chain” I said.

“Really, you saw the b—h”, he asked.

“Well I’m not sure but at least i got it back” I answered,

“who’s the person if not the b—h, nobody would have the chain if not that b—h”,

“yeah” i knew Michael is right, but how am i sure she’s the b—h. “Well it was her. The secretary” I said.

“Your secretary?” He asked.

“Yeah, mom got it from her”,

“but how, he asked,

“I’m not sure but i think she wore it to work today and Mom was in, things got out of hands, she claimed that it was given to her as a present, but the truth is who will give her such value as a present” we both sighed,

“what do you think bro?”, he asked me,

“I’m not sure, i guess we should do invisible investigation without her consent,”

“alright bro” he said as I later left the place after so many gist and talk.

Mrs Williams Pov

I left the place angrily after Lucas got me irritated, how can he be stoop so low for that b—h, over my dead body will that happen, well i don’t blame you, she must have used charm on my son, I surely will make her beg for her life, I took my phone to dial a number,

“hello” I said immediately the line got connected, “see me in my office tomorrow by 4, I have an assignment for you. The details will be sent to your mail before evening, just make sure there’s no cause for alarm as usual”

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Lucas Pov
I was truly worried if she wasn’t the harlot that stole the chain then how did she get it, and why was she wearing it, did she take me for a fool to have not be able to recognize the chain, since i made up my mind to go do secret investigation, I went back to the hotel i f**ked her that night, since I was well known there, i didn’t really need any explanation, I went to meet the manager, she was actually busy so i was told by the receptionist to wait for her, after some minutes, I was told that i could go upstairs to see her, I followed the directions given by the admin, some minutes later , I was seen in her office talking to her about the harlot,

“how can i see her again” I asked ,

“she’s not always easy to see her, she doesn’t stay at one particular place for a long time maybe Germany or Spain”. She concluded, I wanted to show her Linda’s pictures, but an incoming call didn’t allow me , I brought out my phone to pick up, it was Henry,

“hello Henry”,

” where are you” he asked,

“at the club, Elegant”, I replied,

“so what’s the news,”

” nothing really special” i said, the line went off, I left the hotel to my house earlier that day .

I got home that afternoon thinking about it again, what if she was the one that stole it, or maybe she has a mission , I knew women can be so wicked but her case is different from the time I had known her till now, she just want to live well with her family, but what if she’s a prostitute that only hides during the day and use what she’s got when the night comes? I concluded, but i was still not sure.

Then something got me worried, My Mom i knew she’s wicked and she can go extra mile to achieve her aim. I took my car keys as i went straight to meet her in her house. It took me 50min to get there, I horned severally but no one was coming to open up, but how about the gate man, I angrily open my car door , i knocked on the gate myself, no one seems to be ready to open, I inserted my hands through to where the key was, thank goodness the padlock wasn’t locked, I opened from inside then i drove in ,but where is the gate man? I parked at a corner.

I came down, started walking towards the house, I opened the door, no one was there, I called but nobody was responding , why is no one at home even the gate man was no where to be found, I went upstairs to check on her in her room, but on getting there I heard her talking to someone on phone, she was inside the room , I stood close to her door, there i heard everything clearly, she was describing someone to the receiver on the phone saying, make sure there’s no cause for alarm, who’s she referring to? though through her conversation on phone she was actually describing a lady, but who, then i remembered , really, Linda… What if she’s actually referring to Linda, I knew her very well, what if Mom wants to hurt her.