The Mystery Of Love Episode 15


Linda Pov

I got home that evening, after a hard day, I went to visit my friend whom we have been together since morning, talking and gisting, I told her about what I was presently going through, she felt bad and pity for me, it’s not my fault though, Aunty Caro has spoilt everything, how can she can give me a stolen item as a gift, and now she has no idea what this has caused. she later advised me to explain everything to Lucas since he’s the only person that will seem to listen to my side of the story.

Mom had been silent about the issue, I did n ’t know why, maybe because she forced me to wear the chain that particular day.

“Mom you haven’t said anything in regards what happened”, I said, she only smiled before she left to her room. But what’s wrong with Mom these days, she won’t just say anything, “Mom” i screamed as i followed her .
Later that evening, I was in my room when my phone rang, I took it to check the caller, Lucas i said, it was him, but why is he calling me by this time it’s getting dark already, I picked it up, but to my surprise, it was truly him,

“hello sir” i said to the voice coming from the speaker of my phone. “Really* I replied to the , “hope it’s fine” i said before the line went off. But why did he want to see me, i knew he will never call me by at this hour, also he had no right to tell me to see him since I was already fired by his Mom. But what if it’s another way of settling things.

I stood up to dress, he promised to send the location of where we were meeting , after i had dressed up, l received a message indicating the location of where he said we should meet. I picked the phone.

It took me an hour to the location But why did he want to see me here, why not his house, maybe this is where he comes to after work, the place didn’t seem familiar, this was my first time of coming to that area, everywhere was dark.

I checked the time, it was 9:45pm. i dialled his number, it rang twice before he picked up

“I’m at the gate”, I said to the voice coming from my phone.

“Okay will be right there”, he said , a minute later he opened the door as i went in, the house was really stunning, it was beautiful.

” Do you stay here, I asked him, I saw him smile, the question must have look so funny to him maybe.

“yeah” he managed to reply.

we went inside, oh my God the place was beautiful, everything were intant, the chairs from the sitting room, the TV set, the colour of the wall was stunning, later to the kitchen, All the equipment are really the best. Do you stay here alone??,
“yeah” he replied. “Anyway the reason i called you was because i noticed something suspicious my Mom is planning towards you” he said, hearing that, I felt cold.

“Do you mean your Mom is planning to hurt me, but why, I already gave her the chain despite the fact that she sacked me, what else does she want again”, I replied. I heard him say angrily.

” That’s why i called you, just calm down, it will be fine, first of you can’t go home tonight, it’s very dangerous for you” he said,

“then how about my Mom” I asked,

“I don’t think she will hurt her” he said. Seriously i wasn’t feeling comfortable with all this.

“Why can’t you help me explain to her that i didn’t steal any chain, it was just a gift presented to me,” I saw him look at me awkwardly, “Lucas you need to believe me, I didn’t do it.” Did i just call him by name? “sorry sir” i corrected, what has come over me.

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Lucas Pov
After i heard the conversation Mom was having on phone, I quickly went out of the house without her notice. I have known Mom to be a wicked soul, I remember when i was young, after I was adopted to the family. She had this type of conversation and the next thing was a death of her own blood sister, so I knew how extreme she can go to achieve her aim

After i left her house that night, I dialled her number, seriously i didn’t know why i was doing this too, but i just didn’t ’t want her to get hurt, whether she stole it or not, I just wanted her to be fine,

“hello Linda, want to see you tonight, very important”; i said, I heard her said hope there’s no problem.

Later before the line went off, some minutes later, I was already in my house expecting her, my phone rang, I checked it, it was her Linda, I went to open the door, she was admiring the beauty of the house and it’s surroundings, I noticed but pretended not to see.

We got inside, this time she was looking at the wall and all the interior in the house, later to the kitchen, she kept asking questions which seemed funny to me.

I told her about the conversation i heard from my Mom and It’s possible that Mom might want to get her hurt. I saw how scared she was,

”but why”  she said, what else does she want, I already gave her the chain, despite the fact that she sacked me, what else does she want again ” seriously I felt pity for her, I knew how hard it was to lose a job and all, I was about saying something when she cut me off,

“Lucas you need to believe me, I didn’t do it ” really she just called me by my name, Wow that looks so nice, though she corrected herself but seriously this is what i wanted,

“It okay. So where can i get the so called Aunty Caro that you claimed t gave you the chain” I asked, but she didn’t give any tangible answer. She wanted to say something, but since I wasn’t feeling comfortable with her excuse, i cut her off, “Its okay , lets eat,” we went to the dinning table where we ate.

Later in the morning, I was out as early as possible, I had told her earlier not to go out until i find out Mom’s plan which we agreed. I got to work that morning, i was in my office when her call came in, it was Mom,

“where are you” she asked, I’m in my office.

“okay”. some minutes later my door flanked opened and she came in, it’s unusual, she didn’t even bother to knock on the door

“where is she?” she asked.

“Really Mom?” She must have gotten a hint or something before coming to ask me, “what are you talking about Mom” i answered.

“The harlot, just tell me where she is now or you will make me regret me allowing Williams to spare your life.

“But Mom i don’t know” I replied. I saw her laugh for sometime before she continued

“boy, I know better than you, you’re just a boy, you think you can come to my house to spy on me without my notice. if not because of the love i had for you, seriously i would have made you regret your actions. Anyway you don’t have any choice, I caught you from the CCTV. Game over boy. Where is she now, or else I will make you regret.

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