The Mystery Of Love Episode 16


Linda Pov

I woke up around 7:30am that morning, I looked around for him, but he was no where to be found, the house seemed silent like a graveyard, I stood up from the bed, though I knew he will go to work but at least, he should had let me know before he left, this is a new place, he should know that i didn’t know anyone here.

I walked around the house, it was well tidied, did he do all this before he left for work? I went to the sitting room, there i saw a note on the table, just like i had guessed, he has gone to work, and he had made everything available, the meal for the breakfast, lunch and dinner, I was surprised i went to the kitchen, there i saw some food , really but i think he said he stays here alone, then who made all this food, I smiled as i tasted a little of the food, it was delicious, I doubted if he stayed here alone.

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I took my bath, then i realized i didn’t ’ have any extra clothes, I went to his wardrobe, I took a blue shirt to wear. Then I remembered that I needed to call him, at least to know how things were , I took my phone to his number, it rang twice before it wasn’t answered , but it wasn’t him.

“Hello Lucas” I said, a lady picked, but the voice seems familiar, “who are you” I said , what i heard got me really cold,

“You thief, so you think you can still be going around to turn my son against me?, you think you can hide right, don’t worry I will make you beg for your actions”. The phone went off, it was her, Mrs Williams, but how come, then i thought maybe Lucas is now in trouble because of me. I took my clothes , what should i do, I knew it was very dangerous for me, Lucas told me lot about her before he left to sleep last night, then thoughts of my mom came into mind.

What if she has gone to hurt her, what if she killed Mom for no reason, I was still lost in my thought when a call came in, it was Michael this time

“where are you” he asked

“San Francisco” I lied,

“really? I went to your house and i couldn’t find anybody. Did you go with your Mom?” He asked.

“What do you mean?? Mom isn’t home, how?

” I don’t know too” he replied.

The line got disconnected, I couldn’t think of anything, I grabbed my bag and

Lucas Pov
I couldn’t believe that Mom saw me through her CCTV cameras, I groaned as she kept asking about Linda

“Mom, i don’t know where she is , and I don’t know her house, so how do you expect me to know?” I saw her laugh again, mom had threatened with series of things just for me to tell her about her hideout, we were still arguing when my phone rang, I was about picking up when she instructed me to stop, she collected the phone from me..

“You think you can hide right, don’t worry i will make you beg for your actions”, I heard her say before she gave back the phone to me. I seriously understand what Mom meant by ” paying for her actions,” what if she wants her dead. No i can’t let that happen.

I took my car key and i went straight to the address on her CV, on getting there I knocked at the door, but nobody was showing up, I knew she once told me about her mom, so i was expecting her to open the door, but everywhere was silent, I went to the backyard to check but she’s not there, I decided to ask about her, maybe from neighbors. I went to the next house.

“Hello sir”, i said to a young guy of his 20s I guess, “sorry do you know about her whereabout, the woman in this house”, I pointed to the house,

“no, but i think she got a visitor last night, maybe she went with the visitors,” he replied.

“really,? around what time sir”, I asked.

” Around 10pm, though I can’t be specific” he replied.

“Okay”, I left the place, which kind of visitor is that then I remembered mom conversation last night, what if it was Mom that came here and took her instead for the sake of her daughter, Linda.

I groaned as i drove back home, I got home, but Linda was no where to be found where is she, I called her name severally but there was no sign of her what’s wrong?? where did she go, I looked around the vicinity, but I couldn’t find her, I picked up my phone to call her, I was about calling when her call came in, really I picked it, the call was connected,

“where are you” i said.

“Lucas” i can’t find my Mom she said whiles crying.

“Calm down Linda, I just left your house too, I assure you she will be fine, I’m coming right away” i said before the line got disconnected. I quickly rushed to my parking lot as I drove out of the gate, after some minutes i was at her house. She was really stressed,

“Linda” i called as i saw her recklessly lying down, “Linda I’m sorry that you’re passing through this”

” why dont we report it to the police” she said, I smiled

“Mom can be so tough than you think, mom can control the police I know her very well, but don’t worry, i will meet and discuss with her. Have you eaten anything yet I” asked, she nodded which means yes, “okay, this place isn’t safe for you, please you need to go back to my house, I know that’s the only place i can think for your safety” at first she resisted, but later she agreed to go.

We drove out on our way we talked for a while before i later asked her about her Dad, according to her, she told me her dad was a business man but died due to unknown sickness they only told her and her Mom that her father was poisoned. I pitied her.

“But why didn’t you investigate it?”, she smiled,

” We tried to but someone appeared and warned us not too go beyond”, she said.

“really? who was the person?” I asked.

“I don’t know” she replied.

“Gosh, the person must have been an influential person, probably the one behind it. Everything will be fine” we kept on moving.

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