The Mystery Of Love Episode 17


Linda Pov

We got to his house after having a long talk, I knew he felt bad about my Dad’s death, but what can he do, the dead is dead. We got to his house around 3pm .

“how come you don’t have a gate man here”, I asked because to me i felt it’s not convenient opening the gate by himself, I heard him reply whiles opening the gate.

” Don’t worry dear, I have my reasons” he said.

We droved in, as usual the car was parked at the parking lot. Some minutes later we were inside the room, he went ahead to go freshen up whiles i stayed in my room, don’t get me wrong we weren’t using the same room, we slept in separate rooms yesterday, he had given me a room , I guess he must have planned it before i came.

I also felt i should freshen up but I really can’t, my Mom’s thought came into mind again, what if his mother goes ahead to kill my mom, that’s a bad thought, I cautioned myself, he came inside my room, putting on a black polo shirt with a jean.

“I will be going out now, just make sure no one knows about your arrival, I will be back” he said,

“wait Lucas, I mean sir sorry” I corrected, “where are you going” he smiled before replying.

“To meet Mom” he replied.

“Please tell her to let mom go, I didn’t steal the chain it was a gift given to me, how can i steal such a thing and still bring it here for you to see, please believe me” I said while i sobbed, “I can’t steal, I just want mom to be fine that’s all”, I saw him feeling bad for me,

“I trust you” he said. Did he just say he trusts me?,

“Then why can’t you convince that woman” i asked him, he looked at me for a while before he replied,

“Linda, mom isn’t as easy as you think, she will only do what she wants to do, all I want to do is to try my possible best to get your mom out from her captivity” he said.

“Then we should report her to the police, my mom can’t be in her captivity for no reason what if she hurt her” I said.

“Just calm down, I have a plan, i just want you to be strong, I want to revenge my family death as well but we can’t do it just like you want it now, Mr William is powerful, wealthy and very influential person in this community, same asp his wife, she controls his mind, she has the final say, so please let me go and talk to her first, but please don’t go anywhere, and please don’t make any call okay. This place is safe no one know about this place nor the building, I had built and planned it to revenge for my family, so don’t make it known to them, I will be back” he said, before he left that evening.

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Lucas Pov
I left the house after I told her about my revenge for my family, though I had my plans but as it stand now i thought this will be another way of revenge.

I went to meet her in her house, I drove pass the gate which was open, I went to park at the parking lot, she was in the sitting room having a phone conversation,

“Evening Mom” i said upon she seeing me she excused herself from the call.

“I was expecting you dear, I know you don’t have a choice since her Mom is here she will show up, so are you here with her, or are you ready to bring her here ? She asked.

“Mom i don’t know what you’re talking about but i need to make things clear to you, she’s just a lady working under me and believe me she didn’t steal the chain”.

“So tell me how did she got it, you told me a friend went with it right. so she’s the friend you’re referring to right, or can you explain what happened? You have been going around with that b—h gosh, you really disgust me. Anyway i don’t blame you? She said, I knew what she meant by saying she didn’t blame me, if i were her true son maybe she wouldn’t have done something unthinkable.

“Mom the truth is that i lost the chain and someone else got it, according to Linda the person that got it gave it to her as a present” before i finished saying, she cut me off,

” shut that stupid mouth of yours, so you take me for a fool right? you think you can just come here and tell me anything right? let me tell you, I know her type and I have dealt with series of girls like her, I will make her beg for what she did” she said. “Mom please stop this, she’s innocent” I said,

” don’t tell me anything okay, I know she must have used charms on you so just leave before i lose my temper she replied,

“Mom she’s my girlfriend” I screamed!!!! I saw her laugh out loud,

“you’re really disgusting, anyway son you really won’t want to try that with me, you’re getting married to a friend’s daughter who stays in Scotland, she will be coming next weekend so prepare yourself for her” she said before going upstairs.

“Mom” i screamed severally but she didn’t look down. I know within me that it’s impossible, mom can’t dictate for me, yeah I know I have my life to live, Mom you need to let her Mom go I screamed again!!!

Mrs Williams Pov
I was having a conversation with a friend from Scotland whom we had an agreement that Lucas was going to marry her daughter Tina, we have fixed their date and they’re meeting the following weekend, I was still on the phone when Lucas came, He greeted as usual, I was expecting him though, I knew since I had her Mom she will either show up or he will show up with her, but i was surprised that he only came telling me about her, but i wasn’t convinced, since i have told him what was on my mind I left the place, I heard him say she’s my girlfriend which made me laugh, anyway i told him about his date with Tina afterall before I went upstairs , I heard him screamed, let her Mom go, I just laughed

Guys what do you think, since Mrs Williams had a plan for Lucas, what do you think will happen to Linda.. Who can predict her fate, lets see to your predictions in the comment box.