The Mystery Of Love Episode 18


Lucas Pov

I left her house after series of noise i made just to let Linda’s Mom go, how can she have her Mom captive, I felt sorry for the woman she’s just a widow and her only hope is her daughter Linda, I knew even if the chain was stolen, she knew nothing about it so why can’t Mom reason with me , why not go for Linda instead of her Mom.

I took the direction to my home, after some minutes I entered the estate, then i noticed a sports car following me, my instinct couldn’t tell me lies, I changed my direction to a wrong way, yeah I noticed the car was still following me , I quickly drove as fast as i could, looking at the mirror, they increased their speed too, then i realized that Mom must have sent them, but I was already in my estate, how do i convince this people that i don’t stay here, luckily my phone rang it was a friend in the estate who saw my car whiles i sped up,

“what’s up man” he said,

“Francis I need you to take to my rescue, that sports car is following me,” I said while the call was still connected.

“Okay I’m gonna join you soon” he replied. After series of turning both left and right the estate, I think they noticed that I caught up with their plan, I parked at the parking lot but it’s not generally known, it’s official parking lot, then i saw Francis

” come in here” he said as i quickly opened the door to his car, thank goodness, before they could turn in I was already in his car, we droved past them, since they didn’t expect me to be in the car that just passed, I saw them also parked, I knew they were waiting for me to come out of the car, but thank goodness Francis helped me escape from these men.

“Thanks man” i said as we drove to a hotel far from the estate.

” So what’s up, who are they,”  he asked. I told him about Linda and how Mom had her Mom in captive and i had to keep her safe

“Okay what do you intend to do,

” first of all i want her Mom free of captive, she’s an old woman, what if she dies there” i said.

“okay you know what, I’m going to help you, just make sure you don’t let them know about my partnering with you okay?” he said.

“Really man, I’m grateful, but I need to tell you, Mom can be wicked and evil, you need to know okay,

I left the hotel after some hours. Then i realized that i had forgotten my phone in the car, what the f–k is this, what if Linda called or what if they traced the address on my phone, I quickly stopped a taxi, which took me to the location, the sport car was no where to be found when i got there, then I moved closer to my car, it was open, I searched everywhere but i couldn’t find my phone, I knew how risky it’s.

I went home straight, I parked at the parking lot, called her name but she wasn’t responding, I looked around the rooms, she was no where to be found, then I knew something was wrong, what if she’s been tracked I groaned.

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Linda Pov
I was home when my phone rang, it was Lucas, I quickly picked it up,

“hello sir” i said, but to my surprise, it wasn’t him, a guy said the owner of the car and phone got into an accident and he’s been transferred to the nearest hospital, so since they saw my number on his phone, they decided to call me, really I was scared.

“Accident” i replied


” Which hospital i asked, the general center health care San Francisco “.

“Okay i will be right there”. I quickly grabbed my bag as i left the house, but something came to my mind, General health care, that was not his direction, i thought he was going to meet his mom who’s at the south side of the state, what did he go to do at San Francisco, I was still contemplating when another thought came in mind, what if he got any information about my mom and wanted to check the location in San Francisco, I told the cab driver to speed up.

“It’s an urgent matter, you need to speed up sir,” i said.

“Okay” the cab driver replied. But wait I had a feeling something was wrong, I said, I picked up the phone again to dialled the number, but this time it was off, I tried severally before i got to the hospital.

I entered the reception, please a man was carried here some minutes back, he had an accident,

“Really?” the nurse replied, please let me make a call to confirm I heard her say “okay ” before she showed me the ward they took him, but seriously I wasn’tfocused, I just wanted to see him, I can’t imagine that he got involved in an accident all because of me and my mom, I couldn’t hold my tears. I opened the door there I saw her..

Mrs Williams.

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I knew had been set up, but where is he, I looked around the place this time some gang had held my hands, now on my knees, then she began

“Harlot, I heard that you have been sleeping with my son in his house, gosh you really are disgusting among all the woman I have known, anyway I came to warn you, For your information, Lucas is getting married soon, his wife will be coming this weekend, so I will advise if you still want to see your Mom and if you really want to live to see her as well, this is my last warning, and let me tell you, i don’t want to see you anywhere close to him or else you gonna regret you coming into this world, a word to the wise is enough . This is my warning”. Then she left the room, immediately i was released, the guys also followed her.

I breathe out, thank goodness that I heard it from her mouth that my mom is still safe maybe i said.


Mrs Williams Pov
After i told them to trace him, I felt disappointed when they claim to have missed him, but thank goodness they got his phone, just like my instinct, I checked her name on his contact, like i have planned, I told one of my boy’s to call her and fake an accident news about Lucas. Just like we planned she fell for the trick. I sighed before i went to the hospital where they had told her, I have instructed everyone in the hospita and told them about the plan and it was carried out.some minutes after my arrival, she came in wearing a cloth that looked dirty to me, I told her everything i needed to,threatening and warning if she continued going out with Lucas before I left the hospital.

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