The Mystery Of Love Episode 19


Lucas Pov

I was worried about her, where has she gone to, I dialled her number but her number was off, I quickly grabbed my car key, I knew how dangerous it was for her, what if she was abducted by the gang, I really couldn’t imagine what would have happened to her, I remembered Mom’s threat earlier that i should just make her hideout known or else if she found out herself, obviously I knew what she meant

Some minutes later I droved to Mom’s compound, this time I parked at the front of the gate.

“Mom” i screamed as i entered, I opened the door but no one was there, I checked around the compound, everywhere was silent, no one seems to be there. I picked up my phone, I dialled her number, it rang severally, but she didn’t pick up. Pick up you b—h, I screamed at the phone.

Some minutes later. I entered my car, what if she went to her house I thought . I drove to the direction that leads to her house, it took me 30mins to get there, I entered the house ,but to my surprised, I saw her crying, sitting at one corner of the room, I called her several times, before she came she realized she wasn’t alone , I could see that she must have been thinking before i came, I knew she didn’t notice my presence when i walked in

“what’s wrong, why did you leave the house” I asked.

Linda Pov
After i left the hospital that evening, I tried calling his number, but my phone went off, gosh i groaned, it was due to low battery , since i didn’t know what to think, I remembered his Mom threat about leaving him, yeah I wasn’t having relationship with him, I only see him as my boss at work who’s helping me to get my Mom out of captive, yeah Lucas has been a nice person to me, and sincerely he’s handsome, hardworking and brilliant in nature.

To avoid his Mom’s warning I decided not to meet him again, so I took another way to my house. I truly love my Mom and his Mom’s warning kept pounding in my heart , I can’t take the risk to be around him, I went home that night, it was as bored as ever, mom isn’t here and i really didn’t want to think about her welfare, what if she’s not in good shape , I cried while i thought of so many things, I thought about Lucas, I knew it was good for me to be around him, he has been a nice and good person but his Mom won’t allow that to happen again, perhaps he was getting married soon, I was told that his girlfriend will be coming this weekend, I sighed, His voice cut me from my thoughts

“you’re here” i said

” What’s wrong, why did you leave the house” he asked. I couldn’t even reply

“I’m sorry i just want my privacy” i lied.

“But you should have at least called me, I was worried about you” he said, I saw the sincerity in his eyes , but how do i explain to him that his Mom had me warned , its really going to look absurd him.

“It’s okay I’m fine” i said. “what’s the news about my Mom” i asked,

“Well i tried talking to Mom but” immediately I cut him off before he finished talking,

“But what? She wants syou to get married fine, go ahead that’s the only solution please just do what she want you to do, i went on my knees”

“Really, don’t tell me you have met with my Mom, what happened” But this time i couldn’t lie again.

“I got a call earlier in the day from a strange person, he said you were involved in an accident and they gave me the address, but i got there only to realize that it was a set up, I met your Mom and she warned me and told me if i still want to see my Mom i need to stay away from you or anywhere close to you, she told me you’re getting married soon, so i think the only solution is to stay away from you.

” What!!!!!” he screamed. “Linda i need to be sincere with you, I’m not getting married to anyone, I don’t know anyone, how can she arrange that i should get married to someone whom i only saw when i was 6years. No I’m not getting married to anyone” he said,

“Lucas for my sake please, if you truly want to help me and get Mom out of captive , that’s is the only way” I said.

“That’s what I’m talking about, reasons why i can’t get married to anyone, I don’t love her, I love you” he said.

“What????? I asked. Did he just say he loves me, but. . . i wanted to say something but his kiss got me ………

He just kissed me, I quickly pushed his hands of me,

“I’m sorry” i heard him say. What’s wrong with me, I left the living room to my room, I locked it at the back, I knew he can’t have access to it. I stayed indoors throughout the night, I can’t believe what he said, how, we only got to know each other not too long, how can he say he loves me, I couldn’t stop thinking throughout the night, his Mom’s warning kept flashing back, I can’t do this, I said to myself, I knew how dangerous it will cost my family, especially my Mom who needs me right now, it really can’t work, I said to myself.

Lucas is a nice person, good and handsome as a man, as a secretary working under him, I have heard a lot about him from other workers, one will say she can’t imagine having him as her husband, I love my family, My Mom is all i care about, I’m sorry Lucas i said to myself.

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