The Mystery Of Love Episode 20


Mrs Williams Pov

After i left the hospital that evening, I went home. I knew the warning i gave her will make things work out, I have heard a lot about her and her so called Mom, the relationship they share together is one of a kind and sister, I knew she loves her mom and she won’t want me to hurt her, I just hope she needs to my warning,

I got home after some minutes drive, i dialled a number on my phone, it was Mrs Anderson Tina’s mom.

“Hello how are you ma”, I said to a voice that’s greeted

from the speaker of the phone. We talked about Lucas and Tina’s date coming up in a few days time.

“Yeah she will be coming down to San Francisco in two days time” she said,

“Okay no problem, i will tell my son”, I replied before the line got disconnected.

“Yeah” I sigh, at least my son will be getting married soon, not just to any girl but the only daughter of Mr/Mrs Anderson, one known billionaire of our time, I smiled.

I picked my phone as i dialled Lucas number, it rang severally before he picked it up,

*hello son”, I said, “Tina will be coming next tomorrow, I just called to inform you about the situation at hand so get prepared and better still, she will be coming down to your house.”

Lucas Pov
The incident between Linda and I made me realize i truly love her,  i didn’t want to admit to this but now I just have to let her know, she’s all I have been thinking about, after I told her that i love her she was shocked, yeah she didn’t expect it coming but I didn’t ’t have any choice than to tell her.

I don’t love Tina so why would i get married to her, she left San Francisco when i was Six, so how can she tell me to marry her, we were just friends when we were young and I don’t even know how she looks now, I don’t even care, I love Linda and not Tina.

Linda was surprise to hear it, she wanted to say something but I didn’t let her talk, I was scared of her rejecting me, before she could say anything, I went ahead to kiss her, at least, that muted her for some minutes before she pushed my hands off her.

“I’m sorry* i said immediately . She went ahead to lock her self in a room, I called her several times but she didn’t answer, I waited for sometime but still no response, she didn’t bother to open the door so i slept in

one of the rooms that night..

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Later that night my phone rang, it was Mom, i decided not to pick, but then i got to think of it, what if I can convince her that I love Linda and not Tina, the phone rang again, then i picked it up, she started just as usual,

“hello son” she said, “Tina will be coming next tomorrow, I just called to let you know the situation of things, so get prepared and better still, she will be coming down to your house.”

” What are you talking about, mom just listen to yourself, she can’t come to my house, I’m sorry” I replied. I felt her silent for a while before she continues

” I know you won’t want to try forcing me to do what I don’t want to do”. She said before the phone went off. what’s wrong with this woman, I know the Anderson family to be wealthy and popularly known here in San Francisco, they are well recognized but why must i marry Tina, that spoilt brat, she has been as rude as ever.

I remember a day she slapped me all because of her father’s influence in San Francisco, I can’t get married to her, never, I hate her with passion, Mom doesn’t have the right to tell me to marry to her, I have my plans too, at least she wasn’t forced to marry Mr Williams I screamed.

Linda Pov
I woke up in the morning and remembered Lucas, he was in my house the night before, so i believe he should have gone home by now, I opened the door, but to my surprise, he was lying on the floor.

” Lucas” i shouted. He must have waited all night for me to come out, “but why didn’t you go home” i asked, he was awake now

“I’m sorry for yesterday” he said.

“It okay, any news about my Mom” i asked.

” Still the same” he replied.

“Lucas i beg you please help me, this is the only way you can help my family, we both know how dangerous your Mom can be, what if Mom isn’t fine over there” I said.

“Don’t worry Linda, I have a plan, I believe it will work, just trust me” he said while i nodded my head. “We need to leave here now”, he said and i followed him.

We entered his car, after some minutes of driving we got to his house. The place is now familiar with me but thank God i came with some clothes this time, I went to my usual room, I heard his voice downstairs.

Later that morning he came to my room with some fried rice.

” I thought you said you don’t have any one here that cooks for you, who cooked this” I asked I saw him smile before replying,

“I made it special for you,”

” Thanks” i said in reply.

“We ate together that morning”. Later I asked him about his plan for his Mom.

“Well i knew it’s very risky but we just have to do it. I’m going to set her up,

“but how” I asked.

“I have it planned. Her maid” he said. we are going to poison her or better still get along with her maid.

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