The Mystery Of Love Episode 21


Mrs Williams Pov.

After my warning to him, I dialled a number on my phone, it was Jigaa, the guy in charge of Linda’s Mom.

“where are you” i asked

“as usual” he replied,

“how is she now” I asked him,

“I think she’s feeling better now,” jigaa had called me two days ago to report about her condition, he told me she was not feeling okay, but i didn’t care, all i want is the best for my family, if she had brought up her daughter very well, she will not have caused her this troubles.

“I’m coming to talk to you” i said before the line got disconnected.


Some minutes later, I was at the compound, everywhere seemed to be smoky. I tried cautioning one of the guys to keep the smoke off my face,

“I’m sorry ma”, he apologized.

“Where is your boss” i asked him,

“He’s inside ma” he replied. I went inside to meet him, everywhere seemed to be dark,

“jigaa”, I called his name,

“I’m here madam” he replied from a far distance from me. That’s where the woman must have been, though i only gave him the assignment to get the woman but at least i should see the woman myself.

I went inside the room, the room was silent, you could hear the sound if a pin dropped, it was too dark for my liking, though there was a lamp in the room but you could hardly see

“Welcome ma’, he greeted as i went inside the room.

“So how’s she, I want to see her” I said.

“She’s here ma”, he replied me.

“Good” suddenly there was light in the room, jigaa must have turned on the light from the wall. Now we can see each other clearly, I looked at her but her head was down, she was not looking at me.

“Hey you”. I said to the woman in her 50s maybe, though she wasn’t raising her head, but it seems like i have seen her before, “raise up your head” I ordered her, she raised her head then i saw her clearly, Clara. Yeah she’s the one.


Clara was my school mate when we were in secondary school, she was brilliant and very well known for that and had a sharp memory. It happened that the senior prefect of the school then was my crush and he had been the guy that i had always been dreaming of, but he wasn’t giving me his attention, rather giving it to Clara.

I had seduced him so many times but he wasn’t going to look at me. So i told Clara to help me talk to him maybe she can use her influence as the brilliant girl in the school to help me, she told me she will.

Later that day she told me he didn’t like me, I got hurt, how can he not like me after I had given him my heart, some weeks later, my Mom sent me on an errand to buy some food stuff, but due to the weather, I decided to trek a bit before taking a cab. I got to a junction then i saw Clara and Harmony the senior prefect together, they were talking and laughing together while they walked.

I got jealous, so Clara has been going out with Harmony, after i told her about my feelings for him, Clara could go ahead to seduce him, I’m going to make her pay for what she did, I said as i hid myself from them not to notice me, that day was a bad day for me, it was like hell, but Clara will regret what she did, she will never try it with me again, so because she’s brilliant, she can use that to take my heart desire from me. It not a problem, I know what to do.

The following school hours. I went to meet Clara as usual. I told her that i brought food from home and i brought her own portion of it as well, it had been a normal thing for us to eat together as friends, I gave her, her own portion before i left, but something happened, Harmony came in, they talked for a while, I was looking at them from where I was sitting, then she brought out the food, then one of the junior student came to tell me that my attention was needed at the staff room, I followed her immediately.

Some minutes later after i left the staff room i went back to my class but to my surprise, Harmony was the one eating the food, WTF i wanted to screame but thank goodness that i quickly closed my mouth, he ate all the food, then Clara later came in, they started talking and laughing again, I knew it was going to be a bad news, the food was poisoned, I had gotten the poison from a street girl on my street, I just wanted to deal with Clara but it was Harmony that ate it. What if something happens to Harmony. Harmony later went to his class.

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After some minutes, we were told that Harmony was been rushed out of the school compound, I didn’t know what to do but the truth is , i didn’t know it will take effect like this, she only told me that when i use the poison for Clara she will only get sick for some minutes and later she will be fine, not that i wanted to kill her, but Harmony’s situation had gotten to an extent that the school health center couldn’t help.

Some minutes later, the news was everywhere, Harmony was dead. I cried severally but i noticed Clara had been looking at me suspiciously that day. It was very clear that it was the food i gave her that killed Harmony, she came to meet me but i lied, she was the only one that knew i killed him. 


“Clara” I called her name, I saw her trying to look at me more clearly this time, she smiled for a while before replying,

“so it’s you, but why did you hide me here? oh because you know i knew your secret, you killed Harmony all because of your jealous attitude, why didn’t you ask me before you went ahead to kill him? we were on our way to your house that day, your mom told us that she sent you on an errand,

I told him to come say hi to you that day. But you were not at home, I tried calling your number but it wasn’t going through, what else did you want me to do? I knew it was a mistake, your plan was for me, I would have died instead if i had eaten the food, why are you so wicked, you are not l worth to be human, you’re an animal in human flesh” she said, but i cut her short.

“Shut up Clara, do you realize you’re under my control? I can kill you”, she smiled,

” Of course you’ve tried doing that several times but guess what? you’re only wasting your time” I collected the gun from jigaa who was just looking at both of us, I pointed it on her head, I was about pulling the trigger when my phone rang. It was Lucas.

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