The Mystery Of Love Episode 30


Linda Pov

I couldn’t sleep that night after they went to Mr Williams house, what if they get caught, I have been pondering over this all night I didn’t bother to call any of them because i knew it was dangerous to do so, they went to revenge on death of Lucas’s parents so i waited all night.

Around 2am they drove into the compound, I quickly opened the door for them. It was Lucas that came out first, I guess he was weak, I rushed to meet him and i assisted him inside. Andrew and Henry came in afterwards.

“You shouldn’t have killed him” Lucas lamented, everyone seemed sad.

“What’s happening here” i asked, they all kept quiet for a while before Henry later told me.

“Mr Williams is dead”

” Seriously i didn’t feel sorry for him, he’s wicked too, that’s the reward for being wicked” I said.

I woke up early, I knew the news about Mr Williams death was going to be everywhere, we all gathered in the sitting room as we waited to hear. The news came, the headline got me nuts. As it said that Mr Williams was assassinated by a business partner from Germany.

“Really?” I said whiles Henry laughed. We both laughed as we now believed the attention had been diverted from us.

“But what if they start investigating a the issue” Lucas said.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing to worry about, we never gave any trace so don’t worry yourself about it” Andrew replied whiles I sighed.

“So what’s the plan now” i asked.

“We need to get your mom out of that place” Henry said, “but right now, Mrs Williams will be shocked to hear the news about her husband, we’re going to sort things out” he said.

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Mrs Williams Pov.
That morning, i went to pick my husband from the airport who was coming from Ukraine from a business tour. We got home around 1pm, but earlier that day i had gotten a call from a friend inviting me for a dinner party, so I left home that evening to attend the party, I went with my driver, the new one i just employed two days ago. We got there late due to some car faults we encountered, So i decided to stay overnight after the party.
The following morning we left the place around 7Am , after an hour and some minutes we got to my estate, I noticed an ambulance left the estate.

“Who’s that?” i asked my driver whom seemed to be surprised too.

“I don’t know ma” he replied. We got to my gate and a saw some police men in my house.

“Who are they looking for?”, i asked one of my Maids who was busy crying, she must have been shocked to see me, she quickly stood straight.

“Mr Williams is dead” she said.

“What do you mean by dead”, I quickly rushed inside the room where they laid him, I was surprised to see him lifeless. “what happened to him?” I asked the police in charge.

“He was assassinated” he said. Assassinated?. I couldn’t believe that i lost my husband to an unknown assassins in this country, I groaned. I couldn’t stop crying that morning. I have loved my husband ever since our first meeting in Italy 30years ago, then we met as friends and later decided to get along with each other, even though i couldnt give him a child, he had never made me regret that for once.

Oneday he came home with a little baby boy, he told me he abducted him and since I couldn’t bear him a child, i accepted him and since then i have been taking good care of him till now. The loss of my husband had really weakened me that morning.


Later that evening, I went to check on the CCTV footage clips, I was surprised to see one of my Maid receiving calls.

“Sarah” I said, “who’s she talking to”, I called her name severally, before she showed up, “where is your phone” i asked her, I noticed she was shocked to hear that, anyway it’s normal for her to feel that way because I have never for once asked them for their phones, I could see it all over her face, she got something hiding.

“Who were you talking to yesterday evening,?” I guess the question tally with my suggestion, “who were they and where is your phone” i asked her. She was silent and frighten, “can’t you talk” I asked but she remained silent, “oh now i understand, you killed my husband, why?” I asked her but she wasn’t saying anything. “You son of a b—h,” I gave her a hot slap! “So you planned with the assassins to kill my husband.” I opened my drawer as i picked up my pistol, she was more frightened this time as i pointed the gun on her head, she was sweating while I threatened her with the gun, but she kept silent, “where is the phone”, I asked her but she wasn’t saying anything, I press the trigger and then she went lifeless on the floor. Yeah no one should blame me for what i did, she deserve to die, she had planned with some gang to kill my husband, so she deserves to die. I don’t have any regret for killing her, that’s what life could give me.

What do you think about Sarah’s death?
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