The Mystery Of Love Episode 29


Lucas Pov

I was home with Linda that morning when Henry went out, according to him, he was going to Mrs Williams estate, but what he went there to do is what i don’t know. Linda was sick so I needed to get some some drugs for her.

After some minutes i got to the pharmacy where i bought some medicine for her. I got home later that morning to give her the drugs, thank goodness she was responding to the treatment, she slept off after taking the drugs. After some couple of hours, she woke up, guess she’s fine now, as usual I quickly went to the kitchen to serve her some of the food i made while she was still sleeping,

“It’s delicious” she complimented while I forced a smile. “How are you now” I asked, she touched her head for a while.

“I think I’m okay now Dr Lucas” I smiled


Later Henry came in, gisted us about how he met with one of the maids, I complimented his efforts.

“So bro what’s the plan”, I asked him.

“Just like i told you, just do as i ask you to do. We’re going to get more information from her, don’t worry i have my plans , it’s going to work” he said. I don’t know but I trusted him and believed he was gonna help me, but the truth is it was going to be difficult for him to achieve that .Mrs Williams is not to be called human, i have made up my mind to revenge my parent’s death, I can’t allow Mrs Williams to hurt any of my loved ones anymore I concluded.

After some minutes of our discussion. Linda was inside her room while i was with Henry outside the house, we were discussing on what to do about the situation I was surprised to see Linda rushed down to meet us outside, it was a call from Mrs Williams.

“I bet you don’t want to lose your mother, if not tell Lucas to report here immediately” she said before the line went off. I saw her shaking,

“Don’t worry Linda, its gonna be fine” Henry said to her while I went ahead to hug her, I know she was afraid and feeling unhappy, I planned to go meet Mrs Williams but Henry stopped me.

“Don’t worry she’s not gonna do anything to her, she only needs you and that is not important right now. Just hold on.

Henry Pov
After Linda rushed outside to meet us about that conversation between her and the so called Mrs Williams, Lucas decided to go meet her, but to me i didn’t see that as the best option for him, I clearly knew if Lucas didn’t go they won’t kill her because that’s the only leverage they’ve got against him. I stopped Lucas from going.

I picked my phone to dial her number, it was the Maid.

“Hello sir” she said after the second rang.

“How are you” i said to her We talked for a while, which made me realize Mrs Williams wasn’t home that very moment.

“Can I see you” i asked,

“Yeah but won’t stay long because I’m not sure of when she will be back” she replied. I took the car key and i drove with Lucas to the estate. We stayed for a while before she came to meet us at the address i gave her. She was surprised to see Lucas with me. I knew she had a lot on her mind.

She sat in the car whiles we drove to a bar close to the entrace of the estate. Lucas explained everything to her of which she felt pity for him.

“We need your help now”, I said.

“What do you want from me”

” I want your cooperation with us so things can be the way we’ve planned it. Where is Mrs Williams right now” I asked her

” I think she went to the airport, Mr Williams will be coming down from Ukraine today, I guess she went there to pick him up” she said.

“Okay” We left the place later that day, while she went home too. Lucas was curious about what i planned to do.

“Thank God Mr Williams is coming today, we’re going there tonight” I said.

“How do you think it’s gonna work” he asked, I smiled.

“I talked to a friend and the plan is gonna work” I picked my phone to dial her number.

“Hello sir” she said while the call got connected, “they’re home now, but i think it will be dangerous for you to come this night”

“How about the security” I asked.

“It’s not too risky. One of the co worker’s in the Gold Investment Company came with a file to report the weekly activities ”

“Alright thanks for the information dear” The line went off.

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It was dark when will got to the estate, everywhere was silent and cool, only the barking of the dogs could be heard . I came down from the car with Andrew whom I called to carry out the operation together, but i noticed Lucas was still in the car.

“Cmon bro we need to go in now” Andrew came with three guns and face mask to cover our faces. one for me and the two other for Lucas and him. We entered through the gate but it seemed very one was asleep, Andrew was the first to open the door.

We came in to see Mr Williams sitting on the chair, he must have been busy with the file they brought home by one of the co worker working in his Gold company.

“lie down”, Lucas shouted he quickly did as he was told ,

“So this is the so called wicked Mr Williams. Where is your wife?” Andrew asked.

“She’s not home” he replied.

“Oh you think you can keep your evil secret forever, you believe you can kill and no one is gonna ask you” Lucas said afterwards. “Do you remember Mr George whom you killed 25years ago. I saw him feel uneasy, he must have realized that his secret is out. Lucas came up with it again. “You killed him all because he asked you for his share of the money after doing business with you. you’re such an animal. Not only that, you still went ahead to killed his wife too.

“No she forced me to do that, it was not intentional” he said. Andrew gave him a slap.

“Anyway where is the legal documents of the Gold Investment Company” Lucas asked. He was surprised to hear that.

“I don’t have it here” he said. I saw Andrew c–k the gun in a way that looks like it will sound soon. He got frightened hearing it. “It’s here” he shouted. I looked at Lucas with a sign that means good.

“Bring it out” Lucas ordered. He brought it out, now sign this document and let it be known that you have given out the legal right to Lucas George” Lucas said. He got frightened the more

“Lucas” he shouted, I guess he must have guessed right that Lucas sent the guys though he didn’t realize Lucas was there

Andrew forced him to sign the document, before Lucas collected it from him. We were about to leave the room when he brought out a pistol to shoot Lucas, but thank goodness that Andrew was smart enough to see it before anyone. “Gbooaahhhhh” that was the sound i heard when i noticed that Mr Williams was down on his knees, The gun caught him on his head.

We quickly rushed down to the car park as we drove away . We got home around 2am .

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