The Mystery Of Love Episode 31


Mr Williams Pov.

After they conveyed her body away. I knew the police was gonna do their investigations about her death, but another thing is i had the police under my control so they will listen to whatever i tell them. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the assassins, who are they and what did they want from my family. Then my mind went back to the CCTV cameras again, I went back to check the footage to see if i can find anything or any evidence about the assassins again, I want to get them, I knew i could handle them myself, but the phone, I remembered that i checked Sarah body very well to see if i could retrieve the phone but she wasn’t with the phone.

I was still watching the video camera, I forwarded it to see if i can get any information, then I saw it. Three guys came inside my compound, seriously watching from the camera, one of the guys really looks like lucas but I’m not sure because it’s dark and the Mask they were wearing couldn’t make me identify the person clearly.

I saw my husband go down low, i guess one of them must have ordered him to lie down, they spoke for a while, after some minutes something drew my attention to a file, maybe documents, what’s this I said to myself, one of them ordered him to write on it which he refused, but forcefully he wrote on it, this time i was wondering what the file is all about, one of them collected it from him after which he had written on it.

They were about leaving when my eyes caught something from the screen, I quickly paused the clip. then I zoomed it.

” it’s him” i screamed. “Lucas”

That’s the wrist watch. I remembered when he clocked 20years, I bought this wrist watch for him, yeah i have guessed right. I picked my phone as i dialled his number,

So Lucas can be a traitor. Lucas can plan to kill the same person that brought him up, I’m going to show him hell i promised. The phone rang severally but no one answered

Lucas Pov.
Linda sickness was getting worse, so I had to take her to the hospital for medical check up, we got to the hospital before i remembered that I wasn’t with my phone, she was taken for a medical examination. After some hours of waiting, the result said she was pregnant.

(Oh sorry I didn’t tell you what happened the day Henry went to Mr Williams house, I was with Linda throughout, we gisted and played for a while before we got into the mood, that was the first time we made love I’m happy to hear the news that Linda is pregnant for me, the joy we took home that day wasn’t to be explained.

We got home in the evening, i noticed Linda’s mood since we left the hospital, she wasn’t happy despite hearing the news.

“My m” she said, “I missed her so much, I don’t even know if she’s fine over there”. Seriously i wasn’t happy about it too, she’s an old woman who needs care and not to be under captive I groaned. Henry came in later that evening.

“Sarah is dead” he said. WTF!!! I screamed. Andrew came afterwards, “Mrs Williams killed her” he said “i think she got info about her talking to us.”

” I felt sorry for her, what should we do now?*, Linda asked.

“We shall negotiate with her, I have my plans” Well I have known Henry with his plans, seriously if i should give him another name it will be master planner .


*Next day*

Henry told me to call her which i did, after the second ring she picked up.

“You son of a b—h. I will make sure i kill you myself” she said while i laughed,

“Don’t blame me, your husband is the wicked man here. Do you even check to know about me or my family,?” I asked, “I guesse you didn’t, well your husband killed my own family in my presence and you think i will let him go, no he died for his wicked deeds”

“Where is the document you collected from him?” She asked, I could sense she had done her research to know we collected the legal document for the Gold Investment Company.

“You want the document?” I asked. “Fine I think it’s time we negotiate, if you’re in for the negotiation call me”, I said and hanged up.

“Good work Lucas”. Henry commented on my efforts. Later that day, Henry told me about the plan but i know her.

“She’s not easy as you think, life is at risk here” I said.

“Don’t worry, Henry it’s going to be fine, just make sure you follow my instructions I promised”

Around 8pm in the evening, my phone rang it was Mrs Williams,

“I’m in for the negotiation, what do you want” she asked

” fine the woman in your captive I want her released”.

“Oh Clara” she said, I was wondering who’s Clara, is her name Clara?

“I mean Linda’s Mom i corrected”. She laughed for a while

“Fine, so where is the location, I will send her to you” I replied before the line got disconnected. I sighed. “Henry sent her the location where we agreed to meet tomorrow for business . according to the plan”, Henry told me to go with him.

Hmm, what do you guys think about the plan. Let me hear from you.