The Mystery Of Love Episode 25


Linda Pov

I woke up the following morning, then i remembered that he didn’t come home last night, I quickly grab my clothes as i went to his room at least to check if he later came, I expected more explanation from him, if not for any reason, at least I’m his girlfriend.

I knocked at the door severally but nobody was responding, after so many tries, I decided to open the door myself, I opened but he wasn’t there, I checked the bathroom to see maybe he went to the bathroom, but the bathroom was dry, he didn’t come back here yesterday, this time i was more worried about him.

“Something is wrong with him” i said, I need to go find out, Lucas will never ignore my calls if he knew that i called several times. I left the house around 7am that morning, There were lots of cars in the compound, but i can’t drive, so i needed to take a taxi.

I went to the street to look for one, i really don’t know what to do, i know if i go to where he works it might look awkward, but then i got to consider that, he went for work yesterday, please drive on, I said to the taxi man.

After series of turning from the estate we got to his office, I paid the taxi man as he drove on. I went in to the company as the securities greeted warmly, one even asked about my absent from work, i guess they didn’t realize that i was sacked already , we talked for a while before i asked him,

” sorry was the manager  in yesterday, Mr Lucas?” I said. I saw them look at each other, guess they were surprised for my sudden question.

“No he didn’t, one of them manage to answer.” I was really surprised to hear that.

“You mean he didn’t, but where have he gone to” I said out of emotions forgotten that I was with the security. I noticed they suddenly changed, “it’s okay” i said, “I just came for business, he need to sign some documents”, I lied.

I left the place around 10am. Now i understand that Lucas isn’t himself again, he has gotten himself into another trouble, I knew her mother was wicked enough to hurt him, then I plan to go meet her in her home and probably surrender all to her so that i can have my Mom and Lucas to be frees, but the problem i got is the place, I don’t know her house, I remembered Lucasmentioned of her estate but right now i can’t really recall anything, what should i do, then i remembered the security guard, I went in to meet the security again, they were surprised to see me again,

“Secretary” as they normally call me, “you’re still here”, one of them said from a distance, I forced a smile

“yeah. I was told to get a document from Mrs Williams so i came to ask if you can give me her address” I lied again. Gosh i know it’s not part of me, but this situation has gotten me into this, the man was surprised,

“You really don’t you know her house?” he asked,

“yeah. It been a while i went there, I can’t really get the place” I replied.

“Okay it’s not a problem, I will help you” he went inside one of the security rooms, after some minutes, he came up with a card that contains Mrs Williams profiles her address was there too, I sigh as i collected the card from him.

” Alright thank you”, I said as I left the company again around 12pm. I went through the direction that leads to Mrs Williams house using the address on the card. It got me up to an hour or more to get into her estate, then i realized that i don’t have an appointment with her, I hope the security will allow me in.

The taxi man pulled up next to a big mansion, you could see that the house is one of the biggest house in that Estate, well constructed and the flowers were very beautiful. I paid the taxi man as he left. I went to the gate, I pressed the alarm button, after waiting for some minutes, nobody seems to be responding, I did severally but no one was coming to open, I even shout if anyone can hear me, but i guess the security guard isn’t there, maybe he went out or no security was there.

I observed the gate very well then i saw that it wasn’t really locked, I sigh, I tried to open the padlock and it opened. I was really happy, but within me i was scared, I knew it’s unlawful for me to do that, I knew how risky it’s for me to go meet her in her house, but I didn’t care, Lucas can’t be getting hurt all because of my family, since she want me to leave him I will, I just want to meet her.

I entered the gate to a very big house. Everywhere seems silent. I looked around the place then i saw Lucas car parked at the parking lot, really I’m happy to know that he’s here, I sigh, atleast he’s fine. I saw so many CCTV around the compound, but since i didn’t come here to hurt anyone I ignored it.

I walked to the direction that leads to the house, I was still walking when i saw a lady of her 20s maybe, she was putting on a white gown, one could see that she’s one of the maid in that house, she was very shocked to see me, I noticed that but thank goodness that she didn’t shout.

“Sorry I scared you, I have tried pressing the bell outside but no one was picking and it really doesn’t seems that it’s working” i concluded. “My name is Linda, i came to see Mrs Williams” i said to her.

“It okay, but do you have an appointment with her, because this time that you came she has a visitor, her son is getting married soon so they’re here to finalize the situation” he replied, i was convinced, Lucas told me that he was the only child they got, or does that means that she had a son outside that Lucas isn’t aware of. Maybe I concluded.

“Okay but can i wait somewhere here until they’re through” I asked.

“Of course you can sit at the security post, i will say your present to her, when she’s done” she said. Okay i will. I went to the direction that leads to the security post.

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