The Mystery Of Love Episode 24


Linda Pov

I woke up late that morning, I searched around but Lucas had left for work. I remembered i waited all night for him yesterday before i slept off but he didn’t show up, guess he must have been busy that night and since i didn’t plan on disturbing him, I decided to catch some sleep.

I checked around the house but he was no where to be found. I picked my phone to call at least even if not for anything, he should have said hi before leaving that morning.

I dialled his number, it rang severally but he didn’t pick up. Later that morning, I went to the kitchen after i had taken my bath, since I was now familiar with my new environment I cooked some rice cake for myself whiles i left some for him, maybe when he’s back in the evening.

I thought of Micheal. I dialled his number, it rang twice before he picked up.

“Hello Linda, how are you?” He asked immediately the call got connected,

“I’m fine” I replied.

“Where have you been, I have checked on you several times in your house, but no one is there, even your Mom, did you travel?”. I have known Michael for his stubborn attitude, if I tell him no, I’m sure he will locate me here so i lied.

“Yeah I traveled with Mom to Spain.”

” Oh that’s great. I have an appointment there next weekend, he said”.

“Really” Micheal and his wahala again, I groaned .

“okay will be expecting you” I replied. The house seems boring but thank God someone came later that day, claiming his name is Henry, he told me he came to check on Lucas and since Lucas wasn’t home he decided to keep me company, seriously the guy was jovial , he really made my day, he’s very funny, but one thing i got surprised about was how he got to know me, this was my first time seeing him, but he sounded like someone that knew me.

He left later in the evening. I hadn’t heard from Lucas since then, I picked my phone to dial his number again. This time it was switched off. It’s getting dark, Lucas doesn’t come home late, what’s wrong, I was kind of worried about him, I’m not even sure if he went to work, on a normal day Lucas wouldn’t come home late if he went to work, and again I called him in the morning, he would have returned the call if he saw my missed call.

What’s wrong, I dialled his number again it rang but he wasn’t picking up. This time it was dark and everywhere seemed silent, as the sound of the bird can be heard. I looked around the estate but no sign or sound of his car.

I went inside my room thinking about him, what if his Mom has gone ahead to hurt him, or what if something bad happened to him. I dialled his number again, he wasn’t picking up. I groaned, Lucas please pick up i said as i dialled his number again. It rang several times again, I’m very sure when he checks his phone he will have more than 50 missed calls. I couldn’t believe that after lots of thinking, I slept off.

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Lucas Pov
I got to the airport late due to some delays i met on my way, I went to the receptionist, told her I’m looking for a lady here, just like the address and some other information given to me, they called her while i was told to wait at the receptionist. after some minutes, just as I expected

A lady about 24 years came to meet me, she was putting on a pink skinny blouse with a shining skirt of gold touches, she was looking good and beautiful.

“Hey Lucas” she said first ,

“hey Tina. Nice to meet you again” I said as i forced a smile.

“Yeah thank you”, she said as we moved away from the receptionist, now to the parking lot

” how was your trip” i asked,

“fine thank you”. She entered my car as we drove “Mom has told me lot about you”, she said.

“Really? what did she say about me”, I said jokingly, I saw her smile for a while,

” Nothing special, just how handsome and good you’re” I forced a smile again,

“So how’s Scotland” I asked, she told me lot about the county, how she schooled and got scholarship to go study in Ukraine and all. We gisted for a while when i noticed my phone ringing, I looked at the phone, it was Linda, I sighed, it wasn’t possible to pick any calls at this time, she kept on calling, but I only silent the phone, I knew it’s gonna look awkward if i switch the phone off.

After an hour we got to Mrs Williams home, she requested to meet my mom first, so I took her there, as usual mom was expecting us, I drove pass the gate, before I parked at the parking lot. I came down, because i wanted the drama to look real, I went ahead to get her bags as we walked to the sitting room, Mom was spotted at one side of the room having fun with a glass of wine in her hand, I greeted first, I noticed that seeing Tina’s bag in my hand made her feel happy,

“how are you my son” Tina came up, she hug her as they talked for a while, I left the room, as I went outside to the parking lot, I sat down thinking of what next to do, then my phone rang again, it was Linda I wanted to pick up but then i remembered what happened the last time i came and how Mom saw me through her CCTV. I decided not to pick up.

After some hours I went to meet Tina and mom, i guess they won’t stop gisting, I heard the maid say it loudly that the food is ready , mom called everyone to come eat, I joined the family as we ate together that afternoon. I noticed Tina starring at me, I forced a smile, I think mom noticed.

Later that evening Mom told me about our date, and she had even plan our wedding date, seriously I’m not feeling comfortable with this, but i just have to do this, I smiled in agreement to her conclusion. We left her house around 8pm that evening, I have my plans, I know i can’t take Tina home, but i have rented an apartment in Las Vegas where I plan to take her I was still driving When Linda’s call came in, this time Tina noticed.

“Why not pick your call” she asked. I lied, it was from work, I will call him later. We got home late that night.

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