The Mystery Of Love Episode 23


Mrs Williams Pov

I couldn’t take it anymore, Clara can not stand here and keep insulting me, I collected the Pistol from jigaa, wanting to kill her once and foreall, I was about shooting her on her head when my phone rang. I put my hands in my jacket to bring out the phone before i picked It up, it was Lucas,

“hello” I heard him say first, i decided not to say anything, I have a mission here, after some silence he came up with it again, “I have agreed to go on a date with Tina”

“Really?” I said, ” you just made the right choice at the right time” I hanged up. “We shall meet again” i said to Clara as i returned the gun to jigaa while i walked out of the room. It took me an hour to get home, I couldn’t believe that i could still meet Clara after all this while, anyway I wasn’t afraid of her threats, I knew she was also one of the low life people in this country, I just had to do what was needed. I can’t allow Lucas marry that stupid harlot, she’s not worth marrying even now that i know her mother was Clara, it’s just wasn’t going to happen.

I picked up my phone to dial Tina’s number,

“hello my love, how are you,” I said to her after the call got connected.

“I will be coming tomorrow, how’s Lucas” she asked,

“yeah, your husband can’t wait to see you tomorrow” I said to her, I saw her chuckle before she replied,

“I will be talking with him after the call.”

“Okay love. Talk to you later. Bye.” The call got disconnected. Now i felt relieved, at least Tina is going to get married to my son, then we can have the daughter of the richest man here in San Francisco and my Honorable Lucas Williams as a groom. It’s really gonna sound good. I sighed.


Lucas Pov
The romantic moment I had with Linda was like heaven to me, never in my life, I haven’t been in love like this, I just love her it’s not like i haven’t been with a lady before, but Linda is different, I’m always wanting to be around her, seriously i can never get tired of seeing her, I’m addicted to her lol.

Then i remembered my plan, I knew my plan for Mrs Williams will hurt Linda but i just have to do this, she’s right, this is the only way i can help her and her Mom if truly i love her, I sighed. Then my phone rang I looked at the screen it was unknown number, I picked it up.


“Lucas” a voice said from the speaker,

“hello sorry who’s this” i asked.

“Common it’s Tina.” Tina I said, yeah, I guess you are surprised right?” she asked.

“No how are you” I asked

“I’m fine”, I knew i don’t have to f–k up, this is Mrs Williams plan.

“I will be coming for you tomorrow ” I said,

“okay will be expecting you” she replied before the line got disconnected. Now I know the game had began , but how about Linda, I sighed.


Later that night, I went to meet Linda in her room, she was fast asleep, i guess she slept off after she might have been waiting for me, I took a blanket to cover her before i left the room, I knew I wasn’t really going to stay long so i decided to call Francis the guy in my estate.

“Hello bro”, I said as the call got connected,

“hey man what’s up”, he asked.

“We need to talk at the bar” i said before the line went off, I picked a cloth as i drove to the bar close to the Estate, after some minutes, he drove in as well. We exchange pleasantries before he took his seat.

“Francis i need to tell you this, it’s about the lady i told you about Linda” i said.

“Oh the girl” he said.

” Yeah the truth is I’m in love with her and my mom doesn’t ’t want me to get along with her, she has her plan, she wants me to date a girl from Scotland, seriously i don’t even know her much, I knew her when i was Six i said.

” No she has no right to dictate to you. cmon bro you’re a grown man. You should just speak with your mom he said”

” Bro i have tried doing that, but she has been as stubborn as you can ever imagine”.

“Okay so what’s your plan” he asked.

“The problem is that, Linda’s mom is still under her captive, the only way i can get her out is to play along with her, I will do what she wants me to do just to get her out of there” I said.

“How about Linda” he asked,

” She will remain here, or better still else where, I know if i tell her about the plan, it will look awkward to her and Mom might get to know that I’m playing tricks on her, so I won’t let her know” I said.

“When is the girl coming” he asked.

“Tomorrow, she called today to inform me”

“Okay so what do you want me to do”

“I know i won’t be seeing Linda for a while, but i want you to please help me give her proper attention, don’t let her feel bored or think about the situation, it’s just a matter of time, things are going to be fine” I said.

“No problem, I will try do my best for you” We spoke for a while before we left the bar. I drove home that night, It was late when i got home, I went to check on her again, I groaned as i saw that she has uncovered herself , I covered her properly before i went back to my room to sleep.

*Next day*

I woke up early that morning, I knew Mom was expecting more from me, and if i f—-d up she might go ahead to hurt Linda’s Mom, so I needed to act well. Later that morning Mom called to inform me that Tina is at the Airport, I should go and pick her up. As i have planned, I took my car key, drove to the direction of the airport, then i thought of Linda, I knew she’s going to feel heartbroken but seriously i love her, I was doing this for her I hope she will understand. I sighed.


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