The Mystery Of Love Episode 26


Lucas Pov

The night i got home with Tina was really dramatic. I parked at the corner of the house. The house is beautiful, she complimented me as we walked in

“did you build this”

“yes” I lied.

After some few seconds we were inside the building, I didn’t even know anything about it, I only asked a friend who was an agent to help me get the house since it was part of the plan.

We got to the sitting room, well designed with good interior, I heard her say aww this is beautiful, I forced a smile.

“So where are the rooms?” I looked at the ceiling, I knew its gonna look stupid if i couldn’t show , I walked her to one of the rooms but the truth is I didn’t know if I was gonna get it right , she followed me as i open the door, gosh it was the kitchen, I quickly closed the door since she was carried away with calls, she was busy talking to someone, I could sense it was Mom.

I entered another room, there she joined, the rooms are well designed

” I love the house” she said.

“Thank you” I replied. I sat at one corner, while she sat on the bed.

“So Lucas it been a while hearing from you. Tell me how life has been with you” she said. Seriously I wasn’t feeling comfortable here, I miss Linda, I just wanted to see her, then I remembered how important it is for me to do this.

We talked and gisted about for sometime, an hour later, I went to the kitchen to get some food. She complimented my meal, imagine ladles like her can’t even stop me from cooking, I remember

the last time i tried cooking for Linda and how it got burnt all in the process of stopping me from cooking, seriously i miss her.

We ate together and later she told me she wanna sleep, fortunately the house contained several rooms, I took her to one of the rooms while i went to another, she stopped me from leaving, saying she can’t sleep alone. But i needed to excuse myself to make a call. I dialled Henry’s number , he picked up immediately it rang.

“I guess you’re busy with the phone”, I joke,

“yeah bro” he replied.

“So how’s Linda” I asked,

“I was with her throughout. We joked and gisted for a while” he replied.

“Really? Thanks bro”. I felt relieved, it means she’s good. I went inside, I was about going in when my phone rang again, it was Linda. This time i just silent the phone as i went inside. I didn’t want to give any form of suspicions. I went to sleep in another room but I went to go check in her room to make sure she was asleep, just like I was expecting, she was fast asleep. I closed back the door, as i moved to another room to sleep.

After some hours, I heard her knock at the door.

“who’s that” i asked,

“it’s me Tina”. I stood up to open the door, she was putting on her nightie, the gown was transparent , showing her breast, you could see her nipples and her panties from her night wear, “I can’t sleep alone, perhaps i want you right now” she said, before i could say anything she came in and locked the door. “Lucas i want you right now” she said while she pull off her nightie, now i could see everything clearly only her waist was covered with her pant, I tried to resist her but she kept persisting with unstoppable kisses, I lost it to her, we had sex.

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*The next morning*

I was so stupid to lose it to her, I have betrayed my love for Linda, what the f–k is wrong with me, I got up from her side , who was still naked, I went to the bathroom to wash my face with some water, I came back later to see her up.

“Good morning” she greeted, I looked at her for a while before i left the room. I felt stupid to have done what i did with her last night, it really hurts but seriously women can be so mischievous I concluded. She kept talking, I stopped to listen

“what’s it Tina, what else do you want?” I asked, she was kind of surprised with the question,

“Lucas, it’s me your girlfriend, your fiance and wife to be”, she concluded, I looked at her pitiful, if she had known that I was only doing this for my love and not her.

“I just asked you a question and you’re yet to answer”

” What’s wrong with you?”.

“Oh you think you have gotten it all, because you had sex with me you think you can abandon me right? you must be joking, I’m gonna report this to your mom” she said. Did she just say report me, I knew what it takes for mom to believe me, not now that i am close to getting what i want from her. I calmed her down.

“Sorry babe, it’s not what you think, I’m just kind of stressed up. My thoughts got me into this. I’m sorry” I said while i moved her closer to me, her head was now on my chest, “I want to take you out for shopping” i said,

“Okay but we need to see your Mom first”

“Alright” She went ahead to dress up while i did the same . After some minutes, we were both done as we moved to the parking lot. I opened the car door for her.

We got to my Mom’s estate, since she had no gate man, I came down from the car to open the gate, we went ahead to park at her parking space. The maids must have noticed our presence, two came to greet us, one took Tina’s bag whiles we went inside, Mom was seen coming from her room receiving a call, she dropped the call immediately she saw the four of us.

“Welcome my wife” she greeted Tina. We were offered food, drinks and we had alot of fun. Tina and Mrs Williams continued with their gist while I stayed at the bar which was at the back of the house. After some minutes having fun, my phone rang, it was Henry.

‘Hello bro” i said

“I just got to your house but Linda isn’t ’t there, what’s up”.

“Really?” i said. “Okay let me call her”. I dialled her number but the network wasn’t responding. I was kind of frustrated, I know she will come looking for me, what if she comes here and mom hurt her. I wasn’t finding it funny, I went inside to meet Mom and Tina who didn’t seems to stop talking, I wanted to go ask her for permission to stroll out if probably i could get to check on her.

I was still with them in the room when one of the Maid’s came to inform mom that a lady is outside waiting for her, I heard mom tell her to let her in. She went to call her, then i realized that my phone was still at the bar, I have forgotten my phone there, I went ahead to go get the phone as i followed the directions that led to the bar.

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Story written by Adeniji Ifeoluwa Inflex.