The Mystery Of Love Episode 2


Lucas Pov

What will I do without your smile. . . I sang along to the music coming from my phone, a song by “John Legend” (All of me).

It was a Saturday morning, since it was a day off work for me, I woke up late that morning, that was because I didn’t ’ have any plans to go out, I knew after sometime I will call the laundry woman to come and wash some of my clothes, so I will have nothing to do, i called a friend of mine and we both decided to hangout together later in the day.

It’s been a while i went to the club, I’m not so fancy of clubs but whenever I’m bored, sometimes I go there to relax my head, I work with a company who extractd gold in San Francisco, my dad owns the company , since I finished my Masters, I have been the manager of the company.

Dad has made everything easier for me, I know I come from a wealthy background, but the only problem is, i don’t have a stable girlfriend, they’re all after my money, this has been happening to me for so long, anyway it’s not a problem, am rich enough to capture any girl’s mind, nothing is difficult, just that I don’t have someone I can call my own, just like my friends do, some will take videos, pictures and all, but all this doesn’t seem to bother me, I just believe in sex, and then after i pay you off


It happened later in the evening, I was at the club, everyone was having a nice time, it’s not new every club introduces my present to the all members whenever i attend one, so during this period, some girls will come to sit while some will come to have sex with you, since it has been a normal thing to me, I took one and we had a nice time together, that night she beg for her p*ssy but neither I’m i letting her go, that night was another fun night for me.

Linda Pov

I groan as i woke up from my slumber, it was a Sunday morning , mom was seen doing some necessary house work, I stood up from my bed, abd and went to wash my face.

“Mom, but i told you not to stress yourself with the house work chores” I said as I collected the mop stick from her, she is always fond of doing house chores but it really doesn’t make sense to me, how can my mom be working while I’m home.

I moped the floor, after that I went to the kitchen to go get some necessary things done, like the dish we used last night, but to my surprise, she had done everything, washing the plates, swept the environment, filled the barrels with water.

“mom when did you wake up to do all this work?”, I groaned again. I saw her smiling

“while you were still sleeping dear” she answered with lower tone voice.

” but mom i said you shouldn’t do this things again, you know i will do it” she smiled while she nodded her head in a sign “that means yes?”. Mom I looked at her.