The Mystery Of Love Episode 3


Oh!! I groaned as the alarm from my room woke me up, someone could hear the sound from heaven, what the f–k, i stood up to turn it off.

it was a Sunday morning , I must have gotten home late yesterday, yesterday’s fun was one of the best again, I remembered the girl, “the slut” I said to myself, well she’s a slut, she begged me to stop but hell no I gave her the f**k of her life , Anyway I don’t have any problem with her, I paid her of with the sum of $1000.

Then I remembered that something happened again, Where is my chain, I looked on the glass to check, oh that slut has made away with my Gold chain. What the f–k, I don’t know her, neither do i have her contact, she’s just one of those streets girls you can catch up with for a quickie. Where can I find her, oh I groaned again.

The chain isn’t for me, I collected it from Mom, she never wanted to let me have it, but I won’t listen, so how do i explain this to her. I took my car keys as I drove straight to the club.

Everywhere was silent, one could hear only the sound of water, some guys are at the pool side, I didn’t bother to look at them.

“The manager” I said after a guy who should probably must have recognize me said hello sir. I went through his description, the manager came and we sat for some time before she told me the girl doesn’t come here always, she use to come once in six months.

What the hell is wrong with me, I knew how important the chain is, I knew Mom won’t be happy, I don’t even know what to tell her, should I say a slut took it, how? I was out of thought.

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Linda Pov

After I discovered that Mom had done all the necessary chores I needed to do, I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, while mom was home in the parlor watching TV, I looked at her from one corner of the kitchen before i smiled, I knew if i don’t quickly go to the kitchen, she will still want to do it. such a blessed mother I’ve got, sometimes when i get to think about her, I just smile , she has been my joy, she gives me joy even though we’re not rich, I still love her so much.

It got to a point when the door sounded, someone is at the door, I left what i was doing to go open up.

“who’s that” I said.

“It’s me Caro”,

“oh Aunty Caro” I hugged her as I opened the door, “it’s been a while you came to visit us, I hope everything is fine” she looked at me jokingly before we both laughed, the last time she came was when she was accused of stealing someone’s money.

Aunty Caro was also a daughter to our family friend, we have known her for a while now, but one disgusting thing about her is her harlot attitude. Aunty Caro can sleep with 50 men in a day, we have advised her on so many occasions but she won’t listen. So i personally gave up on her.

“Aunty Caro what do you bring for us I joked , any gist?”.

“Yeah I brought you this chain” she said.

“Chain?” I answered as I collected it from her, “wow it a pure Gold, where did you get this from”,

“I bought it for you”, Hmm I looked at her,

“Aunty we both know if you’re to buy anyone anything, it really won’t be me, how can you say you bought me this pure Gold chain”,

“Don’t you like it?” she angrily snapped . Before i could say anything Mom cut me short,

“she likes it dear, Thanks.”

“Mom” i screamed !!!!!!