The Mystery Of Love Episode 4


Caro Pov
After I took the chain last night, I went to Mama Linda’s house, its been awhile I went there, I knew that stubborn girl will start to talk rubbish, I said jokingly.

It was Sunday morning, at first I wanted to go sell the chain and maybe later buy myself some goodies of this world, but when I got to Mama Linda’s house, that girl Linda I knew she will still ask me what I brought, so I changed my mind and went with the chain to their house, after greeting, just as i expected she asked me what I bought for them.

I first thought of selling the chain but later I gave it to her , I knew how risky it is but one thing I’m sure of is that, Linda doesn’t ’ go to clubs, so there’s no way the guy will get to meet her. So I dropped the chain whiles i left later that day.


Lucas Pov

I had been avoiding my Mom since that day, I didn’t know what to tell her, I had ordered for so many Gold chain but none was like it, the chain is a pure Gold, I knew it’s going to be very difficult for me to get exactly that . That girl, if I catch her, she will surely pay for her wrong, i said as i groaned again, days went by the girl was no where to be found, neither any hope for the chain.

I went to the clubs every evening since the incident, Mom had called me to see her due to my habit of avoiding her, I think she noticed it, she called to see me, that was when i realized that I have gotten into trouble.why can’t i face my own mother all because of one day pleasure, why did I even go to thr club that day, I kept asking myself series of questions.

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A week gone, the Chain is no where to be found, I looked everywhere for this girl but I couldn’t find her , Mom later called me, she told me to bring the chain, she got a Party , A big occasion and she will be wearing the chain, there I go again. Where the f–k is this stupid girl I screamed, she will surely pay for this . I groaned bitterly.

Linda Pov.

Life has been good as usual, a week after Aunty Caro visited, I wasn’t interested in the chain or neither was l going to wear it, but mom kept forcing me to wear it, what if she stole it, or what if i got embarrassed for what I know nothing about, but mom told me everything happened for a reason either good or bad. Well since she’s my Mom I told her I will put it on but not now anyway maybe later.

Some weeks later, I read from the news that one of the big Gold company in San Francisco is recruiting for two candidates and we were told to send our CV to their mail and make sure we’re ready for an interview.

I was home when i saw that on the news, I took my phone while i sent my credentials and some necessary documents they requested for, after a week, I received a reply from management which says

“You’re hereby shortlisted to our interview stage, please come with your original copy of your credentials. Thanks ”

It was a good news to everyone that received messages like this, but not for me, I have gone to series of interviews and nothing still happened.

I got to the company earlier before the interview time , we’re up to six in number that came for the interview, and they only needed two candidates . We were called one after other. When it got to my turn, I went straight to the direction given,

“Hello sir, I’m Linda Hagreve, I came for the interview.

“Okay so where are your credentials ?” Oh Did I just forget it downstairs. Bad of me.

“Sorry sir i think i left it downstairs”,

“it’s okay you can go get it” he said.

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