The Mystery Of Love Episode 1


Location, San Francisco ,
Date, 30 March 1999,
Time, 09:00Am
Episode 1
It started that I was home that morning, since life has not been easy for me and my family, I was forced to go out in search for a job, but even though my parents were poor, I still appreciate the fact that they sent me to school, I graduated as a degree holder from a local university in San Francisco, since my graduation, things haven’t been easy with me and my mom.

I lost my dad a year earlier, after i got admitted. My mom has been taking the responsibility, she made sure I went to school since I refused not to go, despite that we got nothing, neither is assistant coming from anywhere, but all she do was to go here and there just to make sure i also become something in life.

That morning I took my CV as I go around the places looking for a job, I knew I needed it so much, I’m the only hope of my family, my mom has done her path, it’s time for me to pay her back, but the problem I got is the fact that i couldn’t secure myself with a job, that morning i went to different companies, the results are still the same,

“Sorry we got someone earlier before you came” this has been the common foul words I got everytime. I’m always depressed, I just want to work, I don’t mind working anywhere, I have tried all I could, but it’s not working fine


After all my trier, I went back home depressed, I knew mom isn’t happy but her encourage words kept me moving. Just as usual I have always tried sending my cv both offline and online even if it’s any work I just want to do it.

I knew it’s all a matter of time, but it’s getting late, when shall I even have plan for myself, when is my mom going to be proud of me, all this thinking got me stressed out sometimes.

I’m 24, I knew my mates are doing better, some are going about riding huge cars, while some are out there making money, but to me, it was not like that, despite the fact that i was good in my education, I got several scholarships throughout my educations, but why am i lacking behind. Gosh I breath out again.

“My name is Linda, I’m 24” I responded to a man who’s at the front opposite where I sat down.

“So Linda what will you have done if this job is given to you?” Well I surely would have make it to the task, I knew I have lots on my mind but I can be expressing myself to him,

“well I will just handle the work as its expected of me” I answered in return. I was later called that evening, I got a call from a guy who claimed to be the admin of one of the company I sent my CV to. The appointment was 4:00pm that evening.

As usual i was there and the interview went well, I just pray they call me back, I can’t wait to secure a job, I’m seriously tired of tge interviews, I just want to work.