The Jungle Boy Episode 38 Final


It’s been two days since Donald has been discharged from the hospital, Jane couldn’t leave his side throughout the stay in the hospital


Drake fell in love wth nurse Rita but couldn’t say it, although she knew it and also felt the same for him, when he was also discharged, thought of where he would go from the hospital

“you are going home with us Drake” mr Jude said smiling which made Drake heart miss a beat, his facial expression changed, mr jude on seeing that said something to calm him down “we won’t hurt u okay” but he kept staring blankly at Mr Jude “if i had wanted to hurt or kill u, i wouldn’t take you from that bush you were, i would have end it right there” mr Jude conclude

“thank you sir but…….” he couldn’t complete when mr Jude interrupted him

“it okay, let go, Donald and others are waiting for us” he help him up, on the way out they met nurse RITA, she got close to him and put a piece of paper in his short baggy pocket then smiled at him


Mr Jude was prepare dinner when Jane, Jerry and their parents came in

“hello!” Jerry echo when they step into the living room, fortunately the main door wasn’t locked, Jane didn’t bother sitting as she and Jerry found their way to Donald’s room which he now share with Drake.

“hey guys” they (Jane&Jerry) greet in unison

“wow love you are here” Donald exclaim with happiness

“hi” Drake simply said feeling shy all of a sudden, they drag the duo out to the living room.

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they were eating dinner in silence when Mr Edward broke the silence.

“jude thank you very much for rescuing us, we owe you one” mr Edward said sadly

“it’s okay Edward” mr jude said with a smile

“Donald” mr edward called softly, Donald lift his face slowly to meet his soft gaze “i have secured a Job for you in Lagos, i bought you a house at the mainland, all this is for your future with my daughter” he finish his word with a thank you which left everyone smiling except Drake who was in thought on how he will survive, all what he use was ford by Mr marshal

“Drake you’ll be walking with Jerry as his personal assistant, is that okay by you?” mr edward said again, drake drop to his knee and thanked mr edward and mr Jude

“hey i’m yet to add my own” everyone turn their attention to the door way, there was Chief Peter’s and his family and another sight caught Drake attention.

“nurse Rita? What are u doing here? Doctor steve?” he was shivering with fear that they came for revenge but he wrong, as they took turn in hugging him and other

“why didn’t u call me?” Rita asked faking seriousness

“who is h…”

“he’s my dad and steve is my big bro” she cut him short, Drake swallow hard mr&mrs Edward, mr&mrs Peter and mr jude all sat down in the living room after dinner, chatting and laughing while Donald and co. Went to their room to chit chat



Donald got married to Jane, they relocate to Lagos, Drake propose to Rita on Donald wedding eve, mr jude met a lady he fell in love with, then they did it(you know what i mean) Jerry left to London living the company in Drake’s care which he did well, they now live happy except for the memory of their late family members.