The Jungle Boy Episode 37


**The Narrator**

Drake woke up feeling headache, he looked around for what could be familiar but found none, the pains he felt was nothing to write home about, he groaned silently

“where am i” he voiced out the question referring to no one in particular, then he heard a sound from the door, he turn his head to the direction, the door knob made a squeezed sound then a lady dressed in white nurse attire walked toward him smiling, the realisation hit him that he is in a hospital

“how did i get here?” he threw the question to the nurse who ignore it.

“wow you are awake, let me go inform the doctor” the nurse stroll out while he stare at her retreating figure indeed, he has met girls and ladies but this nurse here was stunning, her white attire fitted her perfectly revealing her curves, couple with no so fair complexion, he was busy fantasize being inbetween her legs and making sweet love to her that he forgot the pains he was feeling.

some second later a young man in his early thirties in a company of the nurse walked into his ward, the doctor examine him for some minute before he(doctor) left living the nurse with him

“please can i know your name” he decide to atleast know her name

“Rita” she replied not sparing him a glance

“i’m Drake” he all of a sudden became nervous because of her.

“okay” Rita replied, this time made an eye contact with Drake and she felt something like electric current pass through her body

“can we be friends?”

“hmmmmm, yeaaah” he smile at her which send another sensation through her body

==WARD 003, DONALD==

Donald went into coma when the bomb exploded sending him to a wall at the gate, he suceeded in take the two families out of the edifice including Jane, when he saw that mr Jude wasn’t forthcoming he made sure that the Edward’s and Peter’s where in a considerable distance that if anything happen it won’t affect them, then he dash in again, he barely left the gate when the bomb went off sending him to the wall, mr Jude took another route which led him to a small gate leading outside the edifice, he immediately he rush out landing in a small bush like a forest, that was when the bomb went off, fortunately for him, he wasn’t affected, he took to his right running in the process, he saw a figure running toward a direction with a gun in his hand, he took the remaining dagger and threw it at the guy, it got stuck on his neck he fell down dead, he walk toward the dead guy, that’s when he saw Drake lying there too.


when he reach the front side of the collaps building, which had the main gate, with the unconcious Drake on his shoulder he saw everybody except Donald, he drop Drake rushing in without being told what happened, his(mr Jude) heart pound on his chest

“no i can’t loose him now that everything is over” he thought as he ran pass Donald unconscious body but something told him to look back, that was when he found him, he press his earpiece trying to connect to Daniel

“i’m on my way sir” Daniel’s voice made him calm alittle

“oh my God” Jane scream when she came in and saw Donald that way


Jane kept weeping, wishing he could just wake up from there and hug her, it been two days, she refuse to go home or eat she, only took bath and resume her cry, in the morning of the third day, after she finished taking her bath, as she did the previous days she sat on the bed taking Donald hand while saying something

“Donald please stay with me, i wont survive if u live me here in this world, you have thought me the true meaning of love” she sniff then turn to take a look at his face, she saw him(donald) blinking his lashes “doctor! doctor!!” she scream running out of the ward with great speed.

to be continue