The Jungle Boy Episode 36


**The Narrator**

after Mr Jude suceeded in binding his(mr marshal) arms and legs, went on to search for his earpiece, fortunately he found it a little distance from where he stood, he place it on his left ear wishing Daniel could connect him immediately

“Hey nobody is leaving here alive” mr marshal suddenly said halting Mr jude in the process of searching for his mobile phone when he saw the confusion in mr Jude face, he let out a wicked laugh, mr Jude wondering what has suddenly became of him, but stop abruptly when he saw him say something that was not funny to the ear.

“the bomb count down will soon reach 5minute” he blunt out with a smirk plastered in his broken face

“son of a b—h” Mr Jude coursed

Meanwhile drake was searching for Danero in the main building for up to 3minute but couldn’t find or see where he hide, outside the scene were Chief Peter, Mr&Mrs Edwards, happy and smiling at each other.

“a bomb?” more like a question, he rush back to the two families were, “let’s get out of here, there’s a bomb in this building” he half yelled, grap Jane and her mother by their hands and started runing in the direction that mr Jude came in from, Mr Jude was deep in thought and it was getting close to midnight, no matter the flourecent light that illuminate brightness in the vicinity, the outside world is still dark, then he notice his earpiece blinking green, he smile and place it back to his ear and it connected automatically, Daniel’s voices came alive

“sir u need to exit there now, you have 3minute 48seconds remaining” Daniel informed, mr Jude wanted to ask where the police he promised to inform but he has already disconnected it

“bastard, suck on your evil” he throw him another punch before he ran off to the same direction he came from, and the same Donald and others went

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Drake was searching from one room to another, he left to the top floor when he saw an opening window at the second room like office, curiousity got the better part of him as he keep walking slowly to the window glancing every corner of the room for any movement, on getting there he saw a rope, he saw a figure, a figure running toward the back door, he join the rope descending in a speed motion l, although he felt pains due to the bare use of his palm to descend

on getting to the ground he wasted no time in running to the back small gate which he left ajar, just when he left the fence he heard a loud bang which came with a force that threw him to a nearby tree, he opened his blurry eyes and saw a figure ran toward his direction but fell face down, he tried to stay awake but his eyelip found it way joining together . . .

To be continue