The Jungle Boy Episode 35


==Drake Pov==

“traitor, i knew u were up to something” leo pace around drake who kept taking one step turning in the process “i bet you will not survive this trust me” he said to drake

“i know you are strong but believe me, we are going down togather” drake spat out with much hatred in his voice

“yes thats true but lets do it this way” he ran to drake in a zig zag route, on getting close to drake he spin himself upwardly then send a dagger to his right shoulder before he roll over him leaving him to the pains he passed to him

“aaarrrrhhhhh” drake groaned while sitting on the bare ground holding his shoulder, he struggle back to his feet but another dagger stuck in his left leg, he scream catching attention of mr Jude, Mr Marshal, Donald and Jane as well as orders

“son of a b—h” mr marshal spat out loud enough to be heard

“i told you but you kept proving stubborn” leo gave a short laugh lifting his head up to heaven like ancients prophet thanking God for what he has done, unfortunate for him, bring his face down he came face in face with Drake few inche from his face

“wh………” he couldn’t complete his sentence as the two dagger he use on drake found it way to his two eyes

“aaaarrrrrrrhhhhhh, son of a b—h” he scream on top of his voice going slowly on his knee, Drake deliver a very hard kick to his airpipe, he jerked and passout (dead)

==Jane pov==

“i’ll i’ll kill kill you today, idiot” jane kept punching the guy on the floor with her strength

“You won’t get away with this” the helpless guys stuttered trying not to show a woman who just beat him to a near dead, that got jane more furious and she increase her punching pace

“shut up” she bark trying to send another punch to him but was caught midair, she slowly turn to face who stopped her, only to see Donald.

“it’s okay baby” that word alone from Donald drove her anger away as she jump up from the lifeless guy and landed on Donald’s body, hugging him tightly, she sob lightly on his shoulder

“my daughter” her mum’s voice brought her back to the environment reality

“mum, dad” she let go of Donald while running to her family in joy, Donald watch in tears and bloodshot eye . . .

To be continue