The Jungle Boy Episode 34


“i promise you wont get away with this” mr jude ran toward him in a zig zag way, in a flash he threw his sword on him, he dodged it but mr jude send two quick punch to his eye, his sight went blur instantly, he tried to adjust but mr jude used that medium to deliver punches and kicks on him, after like two minute he fell down groaning and whinning in pains

“i told you that you won’t get away with this” mr jude did a great mistake by quatting beside him

“moron i’m not yet lifeless, now see this” before mr jude could say or do anything, he dug a hole on his chest with a dagger, mr jude scream

“monster i’ll kill you” he was on his feet again walking around mr jude weak figure

“yep you told me, then what is happening to you now” he mock mr jude with his word

“then we die together” after saying that mr jude jump up like a wounded lion and swing his sword toward his neck region but he dodge and the sword penetrate his shoulder affecting his bones he drop on his kneel groaning


I couldn’t believe that am being totured by those two guys, they were strong and skillful in martial art all my fist, skills and move seems to be nothing before them

“you gat along way to go bro” the first guy said

“that is if they will survive this” the second who stood on my back replied, i kept eye contact against any move, a punch landed on my back and a kick followed by head butt, i knelt down, my kid bro, my mum and dad picture appeared, how they were murder, tears started streaming down my eyes that they resume punching and kicking me, i didn’t feel anything again, neither did i shake or moved, i purposely fell backwardly then did a Chinese quick stands, they send a punch and a flying kick, i caught the punch midair then wave the kick away, i gave the first guy a chokeslam with full force, i’m sure he broke one or two bones, then second guy charge at me with a front flip kick, i dodge him and roll to him, punched him, knee blow him, before i twisted his neck, he passed out(not dead ooo)