The Jungle Boy Episode 33



As he kept walking around in a slow pace, with a gun in his hand

“how does that concern me?” mr jude yell getting impatient with his boring past story

“it concern not only you but you all standing here” pointed his index finger from mr and mrs Edward to mr jude and donald

“your end has drawn near Marshal” mr jude pout angrily

“i know my end is now and that you all here” he let out a small laugh “what do you want from us monster” Donald tried running to him but was stop by mr jude

“good question, i want to take your life the same way your grandfather ordered the dead of my father years back” he replied innocently, putting Donald in a confusion, mr jude step forward to face him eye ball to eyeball not minding the danger there, maintain a burning glare for some minute before he moved away to where mr & mrs edward was tie down, he squat facing mr Edward.

“your father Edward, sir Wilson and mr Peter (now chief) along sir Agu kill my father because of greed” he stood up walk back to his position, now it was clear to mr Jude but he couldn’t bring himself to believe that crap the monster was telling

“police investigated the case for just one month and it automatically died down” he resume pacing “the used their influence and money to play an underground deal with the police” he pause staring at Mr jude “then i choose to do it this way” he send two quick shot to mr jude chest and he fell facing the ground.

“noooooo” Donald screamed, in a flash Jane double roll to mr marshal, she took him unaware, she kick the pistol out of his grip then send a punch to his jaw but he caught her and slammed her on the ground, she crack some of her bones, she layed still groaning, on seeing this Donald did a triple front flip to mr marshal but two man lunch an attack to him, he felt down groaning in pain but he jump to his feet, they head a tug sound, mr marshal turn to his back, what he saw shock him to the marrow

“Drake???” he murmur to drake who drop one of the guard dead with his sword but drake kept his gaze steady, before he knew what happened, drake send a kick and a punch to the guards who suddenly point their guns and sword at him, Donald was baffled when he saw the guy’s face for the first time, a hansome dude being in this kind of organization

“Donald we’ll take them down” he said briefly to Donald, before Donald could say a word they heard clash of sword sound, when they turn mr jude and mr marshal were engage in a serious sword fight

“Donald lets do this” drake yelled running toward leo who was running towad him as well

“it time to end this” he ran toward three men

“i guess i need to do this too” jane said to herself before picking a sword from a dead guard although she wasn’t good at using sword but she ran into the midst of the fight and started defending and attacking, Mr & Mrs Edward was awe with what they saw their daughter doing, in a flash the rope that was use in binding their hands was loosen, they ran to where Jerry was curling watching what was going on…

to be continue