The Jungle Boy Episode 32



Just when i thought that i was going to lose Jane the guy who pointed a gun at Jane drop dead, it was a huge relief, i swing into action kicking the one by my left side, he knelt before the other could stab me with his sword, i pulled the kneeling guy to myself, the sword found it way through his back, he scream and went cool, i roll him over then did a Chinese get up, as if the remaining three men knew what will happen, so they were unmoved, instead, they kept advancing toward me, Jane rush to my side

“prepare to say your last prayers, you fools” a man who introduced himself as Mr Marshal (THE BOSS) emerge from a small door along with eight masked men

“Not so fast mr Marshal” it was as if my ear were deceiving me but it was real, mr Jude voice was real, he came and stood beside us, i glance at him although i couldn’t see his facial expression because of the mask he wore, he nodded at me before turning his attention to the men before us

“get the package” he yelled and one of his men disappear into the opening they came out from, in two minute he came out with Jane’s Parent, Chief Peter and a young man that could be in his late twenties or early thirties, they look lean and sobber

“what???? mum? dad?” Jerry scream from where he curl, Jane broke down crying,

“its okay Jane, nothing will happen to them i promise” i tried to console her

“wow, u want to play hero here? Donald or whatever they call you” he smile wickedly

“let them go monster” mr Jude moved alittle bit forward

“you all have to pay for the dead of my father, he died unfulfilled man” He started walking around in circle

“each and every family must pay for his dead” he yell, i was so confuse on what he (mr marshal) was saying


“please don’t kill me, the money is not here with me” mr Odey begged facing the ground, the Gun men glance at themselves

“lier” one of the men yell poouuuchhh they shot him on the head and he died, they rush to his room and came down almost immediately with two brief case, they left with five shot in the air, Marshal who was in secondary school then cried out that he vowed to make those who cause the dead of his father pay with their lifes


he left the country after three years to cannada, he return and took over his late dad company before he started building his empire, the investigation took place before he started his revenge mission