The Jungle Boy Episode 31


Mr jude turn back to where he came in from, on getting to the hallway that divide into two, he took his left as directed by Daniel, his sense organs were on it high pitch of functioning for any sound or movement, he was also aware of his environment, taking note of exit doors and entrance doors, he kept walking in a steady mode taking a step after another, its was as if there were no humans in the building because of the quitness of it

“Daniel are you sure i’m on the right track?” he said cross to Daniel through his wireless earpiece

“yeah, there is a door few centimeters from where you are now” mr Jude nod and keep walking, when he got to the door, he turn the door knob, punch and kick the guys in there unaware, he dodged few as some got to him but didn’t affect him much, in a jiffy the three men were down

“sir there’s a trap somewhere so be careful” Daniel’s voice came alive again

“what trap?” mr Jude almost yelled, he was disappointed on the knew development, what he needed was to get to Donald, Jane and Jerry before heading to the main man who was behind all those nefarious act

“if you step your foot there you will be electrocuted then you lost all your strength”

“so what are we going to do about it?” mr jude ask, his eye roaming every place that could be seen

“i’m working on it sir”

“be fast please i’m running out of time another group of masked men, four in numbers emerge from nowhere.

they advance toward mr Jude who stood still calculating his next move, two men swing their sword toward mr jude neck in a bide to chop off his head, mr jude was fast enough to bent down before using his bow on one of the men testicle(penis) he felt down groaning in pains, the two others charge toward him but mr jude roll forward and they miss him, before the three men could turn mr Jude punch and kick randomly to them and they fell either unconscious or conscious but in deep pains

“i have better things to take care of idiot” Mr jude glance them then walked away

“the electricutor was neutralise successfully” Daniels voice came alive and mr Jude smile

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“What? He just drop those men down” leo was too suprise that he said those word absent mindedly

“did u put a call to our agents outside the base?” mr mashal looked at Danero

“i tried to reach them via the communication device but some unknown intruder hack into our data base” Danero tried to explained but earn a dangerous glare from mr marshal the boss

“now get to work” mr marshal yelled making Danero to shiver in his seat, he wish he was still in his ICT room but the sudden escape of Donald with another network venturing into their database end him, leo, drake, pato, padro and the boss in that underground room like hall

“connect the SM Agent now” mr mashal voice brought him back from his thought

“ok boss” that was how the main battle started

HACKER versus HACKER and FIGHTERS versus FIGHTERS rescue mission