The Jungle Boy Episode 30


The arrow shot caused a chaos among the masks men, i had to take a risky advantage of their plight and swing into action

“Jane” immediately i called jane i took of like a rocket, with great force i landed on one of the men with a sword, i gave him a bone cracking punch, he let go of the sword, before the one with gun who stood near Jane could recover from his trace, Jane did something to him(flying kick) he fell to the ground groaning,

“Donald watch out” Jane scream at me, she was running in a circle, an arrow came flying to my direction, i smile then use the sword i held and guide it like a remote controller, i was amazed, it flew straight to the guy who was chasing Jane in a circle, it pierce his chest, he scream before he passed out (dead) i glance at Jane who stood still staring at the remaining seven men with anger, before i new it two more arrow flew in and took two men down

“watchful” one of the men yelld running toward me, i took two step to my left before i bent, then served him a kick using my foot, he was too fast that he place his two hands on the ground and roll over, two men lunch an attack toward me, i wave them off but i was took unaware by another guy, i fell down, i looked at Jane’s direction, she was down to

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There’s a point in an individuals life that he/she need to think in order to gain a fruitful result in a critical situation, But in the case of Mr Jude there was no time to think because the situation he found himself some lifes were at stake, he needed to act fast because seeing Donald and Jane down on the ground was enough to put fear in him, he reach for his arrow staff but found only one arrow left, he took it, place it in the bow aiming it at Donald direction but quickly change the target to the guy aiming a gun at Jane, he almost pulled the trigger when mr Jude let go of the string, the arrow flew straight to the guy head, he fell down dead, Jane look up to the direction the arrows came from but couldn’t make anything she layed back on the ground breathing hard

“Its time to go in there” Mr Jude murmur while climbing down the tree with his armour bag hung freely on his shoulder, in a flash he walk to the gate, a guy without mask saw him through a hole coming close to the gate, he took a sword and made a mistake of his life by opening the gate in a swift move, he was drop dead

“i’m sorry boy” mr jude said to the lifeless guy on the ground before steadily walked inside the vicinity, he tried to locate a way that could lead him to the scene where Donald and Jane was, he took his right and turn to a big hall like a warehouse

“sorry sir, i couldn’t connect to u again” Daniel voice came alive in mr Jude earpiece he heaved a sigh of relief

“where do i go from here?” mr Jude ask calmly

“go back and turn to your left” Daniel inform while mr jude obey.

to be continue


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