The Jungle Boy Episode 29


(The narrator’s POV) mr jude got to a remote village where the base was situated, he carefully scanned the environment when he decided to look at the ipad again, where the red dot was a little far from the green dot.

“this means i’m going to cover the rest on foot” mr jude murmur before he alighted the vehicle with his armour bag, then he began his journey in the untarred road that lead to the BASE.

30minute on the road he seem tired but he had more worries than tiredness, after another 5minute he sight a big buliding, he wonder why such building for such organization or whatever, he decide to take a view of the vicinity from outside so he could access some places since he lost connection with Daniel.

He dash into a bush by his left, as he was trained back there in china, he activated a steady mode and walk soundless toward a very big tree known as Iroko tree, on getting to the tree he put on his tiger strap then climb the huge tree with ease to the very top before he took his binocular to have a better view of the great MM Empire, boldly written on the top part of the building only the occupant knows the full abbreviation of the double MM and what they do.

Mr jude was astonish with the architectural structure of the building, He was busy scanning and checking the massive edifice with the binocular when his eye caught three humans racing out of the main building but they stop abrutly when nine huge maskmen with guns and swords emerge from an uknown direction that mr jude failed to notice

“Donald, Jane, Jerry???” he murmur more like a question “i need to do something” he took out his bow and arrow shaff from his armour bag, he wore his binocular then place the arrow on the bow, aim it at one of the men with gun and pulled the string in a flash he release.


Immediately we succeeded in leaving the room we met jane, on getting out of the main building we stopped abruptly on seeing nine huge and mean looking maskmen with guns and swords standing transfixed, one thing was sure, that we were not running into the main building again, we kept taking a step backwardly to a point, one of the men said in a commanding voice

“hey stop moving or i blow your brains off” we stood stiil, then he said again

“you choose to fasten your dead” we kept quite staring at them, when i glance at Jane she was kind of scared while Jerry urinated on his trouser, i tried not to laugh but i ended up smiling at him(Jerry) just like a flash an arrow flew to one of the men head stuck in, he fell down dead, i was confused and surprise because this place can’t be trace easily because of where it is.

I took a close look at the arrow, more smile creep my lips as i knew MR JUDE was around to save me again, and us the men were in total confusion, i smile victoriously…

To be continue