The Jungle Boy Episode 28


as soon as Drake left, i open the small cross bag he brought and found a pair OF black short and a singlet along with a folded paper, in a flash i changed from the hospital outfit i wear two days ago to the ones Drake brought, looked around the room one more time then bolt toward the exit door

“dad, mum, davis i’m going to avange your death today” i said to myself then got hold of the door nob “and Jane i’m coming to rescue you” i added before stepping out of the room to a long hallway, i glance at the paper map in my hand, according to the red arrow i started walking toward the left direction, i heard footsteps coming behind, i checked my left and right, i couldn’t see any suitable spot to hide my figure, i pick a silence race to a bent and found a door by my left, i push the door open and the room was dark that i couldn’t make anything or see anything, i decide to stood still, a sound caught my attension

“oopss” i said silently before turning on the light

“jezzz, Jerry???” i exclaim while he was shock and excited at the same time to see me

“Donald, how did u get in here?” he questioned me

“this is not the time for questioning, lets get out of here” i replied untieing the robe use in binding him to a chair

“thank you Don” he said again while i just nod before pepping outside

“its clear lets go” we left the room thanking God because there was no CCTV camera in the room, i checked the map again then walked fast to the right hallway, we got to a door at the end of the hallway, its has a security code

“haaa password” i exclaim disappointedly

“wait, i think i can help”

“please hurry before they find us here” jerry nod while i kept staring at his finger as it move on the botton

“hey who are you guys?” a voice startled us

“not now, jerry keep trying while i use him to play” i whisper to jerry who was now shaking, i scanned the guy and found out that he was just with a sword, i only smile and advance toward him and he too walked toward me pointing the sword at me

“hurry” i said before rolling on the tiles floor, the idiot miss my neck and received a punch on his left thigh, he was less affected, he ran toward me swinging the sword in different directions, i managed to dodge few of his moves then the last one cut my arm, i glared at him standing still, he kept walking around me before he attacked from my back, i swiftly bent and his sword missed me again, i grab his left hand, sent double punch on his armpit, he let go of the sword and fell down weakly

“Donald lets go the door is open” we ran out to another long hallway, we got to a spot anf the hallway was divided into four, i remember i didn’t pick the map from where i engage in a fight, Jerry notices my plight

“whats wrong Man?” he asked with concern

“i forgot to pick the map” i blunt out with frustration clearly written on my face

“then i suggest we keep moving before they get us here” he said while i glance at him

“sure lets go left” i mutter running to the next bent which is the left hallway, he follow suite, we got to a place where two door stood adjacent each other, confusion was our next status

“let check this door here” i said pointing toward the right side door, we tried unlocking but to no avail, i draw out my belt and use the hook, it didn’t give way at first till the second try, it did a click sound, the door opened to reveal a female feature laying on the bed, her hands and legs where tie

“Jane???” like a flash she turn her face

“Donald….” . .

To be continue