The Jungle Boy Episode 27


The drive to Doctor Ndifreke’s hospital didn’t take much time, they arrived just as doctor Ndi was about unlocking his car at the parking lot, like a lightening they were close to Doctor Ndi, doctor Ndi was confuse because the Jude he knew can’t visit his hospital without exchanging pleasantries no matter how worst or critical the situation maybe, but here he was staring at him with an expression he doesn’t understand

“sir please can we briefly see in your office its very important” daniel broke the silence that was hovering in that short period of time, on a normal circumstance Dr Ndi wouldn’t have accept ut, its was lunch hour and he had a lunch date with someone

“i was on my way out but its ok, let go in” Dr Ndi replied and walk inside the hospital building while Mr Jude and Daniel trail behind

___30minute later___

“thank you Dr” mr Jude appreciate Dr Ndi with a handshake while Daniel was already on the door post.

“its okay Mr jude” he smile warmly at him, the duo hopped into their car with great speed, they drove home with one thing on their mind, finding DONALD.

When they got in daniel drop the brown big envelop on the dinning table before walking to their room which he share with Donald, yank the wardrope open with a bag containing different types of gadgets, he smile and pick the ones he needed along with his laptop before closing back the wardrobe then return to the sitting room, on reaching the sitting room he saw Mr Jude arranging different kinds of weapons starting from sword to daggers, including bow and arrows on the glass centre table, he drop his laptop and gadget before getting down to work

“are you sure its going to work?” mr Jude asked after 45minute of Daniel typing and clicking on the system.

“yeah sure, have found him but the location is restrict” Daniel told mr Jude

“what do you mean by location is restrict?” mr Jude asked with disappointment

“the level of security gadget used in that vicinity is highly protected and passworded” Daniel lean back on his chair trying to figure out what to do

“this is bigger than i thought” mr Jude said drawing a chair to sit on

“i have an idea” Daniel exclaim then start typing again this time so fast “yeah got it” Daniel shout with excitement after 50minute of typing, mr Jude mood lit up


“yeah i have succeeded in breaking into their hiden software use in hiding their location from the satellite” Daniel explained with a wide smile

“you are just wonderful Dan” mr jude smile while hugging daniel tide

“here is the map, it gonna lead u to their base in the outskirt of the city and also help me keep an eye on you” he said handing mr Jude an ipad “and please sir get him out of there, the police will be on their way when i see that you guys are cleared” he added while mr jude who had already on his all black outfit except his mask nod

“it 5:27pm already, i’ll be living so that i could get there on time” mr Jude hugged Daniel once again before exiting the house with a bag containing his tools(weapons)

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To say i was getting mad was an understatement, how on earth will i do this all alone? I asked no one in particular, the door nob turn and the same guy who tap me earlier walk in with a mask on his face and a small cross bag on his hand, i thought he came to kill me as that bastard said in the morning

“hey you must live here as soon as possible” he threw the bag at me

“with my hands still tie” i asked

“oh” he came closer and cut the rope with a dagger, immediately he cut the ropes i freed my hands then grap him by his collar before sending two quick punch to his face, he fell down

“hey man, am trying to help you the way u help me at chief peter’s residence” the guy yell, i hang my fist midair staring at him

“i even seduct Danero our computer guru just to ensure your escape successfully” he added, i stretch my hand toward him, he held and stood to his feet

“there’s a map in that bag which will help you out of this building without being spot by any of the numerous guards” he said then walk away

“drake, i owe you one” i said then he took off his mask turn to me and smiled before exiting the room

to be continue