The Jungle Boy Episode 26


“sir i think donald is in danger” daniel said leaning on the wall behind the three seater sofa at the sitting room

“i know” mr Jude replied, he seemed far away from where they are now, he has nurse, protect and guide Donald like his own son since he met him in the jungle, Donald means alot to him even though he isn’t his biological son but he loves him that he is ready to go any length to ensure his freedom and happiness, the way Donald has been all those years made him sometimes wish he could just see the assasins who took Donald’s family away and that of his.

“God please help me find him and i’ll serve you all my life” he said quitely but Daniel heard him

“Sir do u believe in God?” Daniel ask moving to where mr Jude was seated and sat next to him

“i stop believing him when my family was wipe out some years back” he pause to wipe a tears that drop from his eye “but now i really need him to help me and i believe and trust him” he conclude with satisfactory smile

“then let’s find him and his happiness which is Jane” Daniel said with tone of determination

“how do we do that when we can’t trace his location” mr Jude asked

“lets go meet doctor ndifreke and see if we could get some of his blood sample” Daniel walk to the bedroom to change, he came out in 5minutes time, togather they drove to doctor Ndifreke’s hospital

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i kept thinking on how to escape but there was no forthcoming idea, it seems everywhere was guided with tight security technology and bodyguards with my hands tie to my back, i couldn’t do anything in order not to raise any suspicious from their control room, i layed back on the bed using my eye to scan the room for any escape route but found none, i decided to stay calm and wait for what will come next, after like 30minute, a man who i knew to be their senior boss because he wasn’t in any mask, while the others two guys who accompany him to my room(my hostage room) were on mask, i close my eye as if am in a deep sleep, while i watch them stood still staring at me.

“wake the fool up” the man command one of his boys which he walked close to my bed and tap me like a brother, i pretend not to feel his tap, he tap me again

“drake what the hell are you doing, punch him” he roar in his thick voice, i open my eye staring at him with much anger burning inside of me.

“wow the almighty JUNGLE BOY is here with Marshal Dickson” he bragged walking close to the bed i sat, i kept mute still maintaining my glare “i guess you gonna talk when i let out some information to you boy” he sat some distance away from me, truth be told, if my hands weren’t tied i would have delivered a punch on his mouth, i glance at the other guy who move closer thinking i may attack their boss

“you bastard stop my mission to eliminate that chief peter or what ever his name is” he let out a small laugh

“oh you are the bastard that try to kill that innocent man” a punch landed on my cheek, i spat out blood.

“you dont call the boss names” the guy who moved close to him said, obviously he punched me

“good pato, i thought he lost his voice” he smile widely but a wicked one

“you will pay for this” i said to him before spat out another blood which oozed out from my broken lips.

“your father said that to me some years back and it landed him and his family in their grave but u escaped” the pain from the punched i received didn’t hurt like the information i just heard.

“aarrrrrhhhh, you, you, you, i’ll kill you with my bare hands” i scream and held my head, the next thing i felt was a sharp object like needle piercing my skin before every thing became blurry, and i passed out…

To be continue