The Jungle Boy Episode 25


Donald POV

i just walked through the lonely street with pains not from the wound i sustain but from the fact that Jane is in danger which i didn’t know where and how i would meet her then rescue her, it was getting dark already, i sat down on a pavement by the road side scratching my head for any idea

“maybe i should go to their house and check if she has been release” i thought then kick against it but another part of me kept persuating me, then like a flash i stood up, walked a little then bent into another street, it was a very stressful walk but in 23minute i saw her home far ahead, i kept walking till i saw a van parked few meter away from the mansion, i used the darkness as cover then sneaked to where the van was parked, the driver was on mask, i smiled but it faded when a gun nozzle was place on my neck i gasp

“now move” he command which i obey without hesitating “get in side” he push me in, just then i saw two figures inside, their hands were tied and their mouth taped, before i knew what happened a sharp objection pierce my skin, my vision became blurry then i passed out



Mr Jude search everywhere that he knew but couldn’t find him(donald) they decide to retire home maybe he was there but suprisingly he wasn’t home too

“sir i think i should track him” daniel suggested

“he wasn’t with his bangle” mr Jude replied gloomily before sitting on the sofa

“let’s wait if he doesn’t return before noon tomorrow, then we conclude that he is in danger” daniel said before heading to the kithen to get water

“water please” mr jude request

“ok sir” daniel walk away

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mr marshal walked majestical to a room where the couple was kept hostage

“hey edward longest time” he said mockingly mr edward due to the tape on his mouth couldn’t say anything

“take that tape off his mouth, let me hear his rubbish” he order one of his standing guard to untape him

“marshal so you are the one behind all this?” mr edward asked with disbelief

“now you know” he replied with a wicked smirk

“what do you want from us” mr edward yell with anger

“your lifes that’s all” he replied with no remorse

“you’ll surely pay for this”

“sure i will but your guard is in my custody too” he informed making mr edward scream

“what the noise about or you are too surprise?” he glared at mr edward “you stood in my way for so long and now is the right time to take you out like others” he said while mr edward glance at his wife then back to the retreating figure of mr marshal

“why not do it now you moron” mr edward yell

“let me just start from your kids okay” he replied and walk out and shut the door behind him mr edward stood dumb


I woke up with pains eliminating from my back, i whine in pains then took notice of my environment, its was a White painted room with no window just the door then my eye caught a cctv camera staring direct to me, i couldn’t check the time cause i wasn’t with any wrist watch

“oh my bangle” i exclaimed

“hey what that?” a guy with a mask walk in with a sword hung across his back

“i swear when i lay my hands on you, your life will not remain the same” i yell at him trying to free my arms

“look who is threatening me” he replied i kept quite staring into the space thinking about Jane and Mr Jude

to be continue on Monday