The Jungle Boy Episode 24


Donald POV.

i woke up in a strange room painted with white, at first my sight was blur due to the light from the bulb which illuminate strong brightness to the room, i tried lifting my hand so that the person sitting on a plastic chair close to the bed i laid on could notice me but i couldn’t move an inch, i sniffed before he sat up

“hey don, you are awake?”

“daniel???” i called daniel more like a question, my voice barely audible

“let me go and call the doctor” he said

“hey wait, where is JANE?” i asked impatiently

“ermmm jane is… is….i mean she’s fine” he stutter holding the door i sigh and turn my face to the other side of the room, in less than 3minute a man i guess should be in his middle thirties walk in accompany with a nurse, daniel and mr Jude but i didn’t still see Jane

“how are you? I’m doctor Ndifreke” he introduce but i only nod not wanting to say a word

“donald do feel pains now?” mr jude asked placing his hand on my forehead i nod negatively

“let me just examine him” doc ndi walked close to my bed side, check the fluid on the tude that was connect to my right arms

“uncle where is Jane?” i asked lowly, he kept mute for a while then drop it like a bomb

“i’m sorry Donald she was taken away by the masked men” he turn his face away, before i knew it, a drop of tears escape my eye

“nooooooooo” i screamed not minding the pain i felt then

“it okay don, we’ll rescue her” donald sat on the bed in a flash.

I push daniel away, i pull out the needle which help in connecting the tube to my vein, jump to my feet, mr jude and doc ndi tried to stop me

“go get me the seductive” doc ndi yell at the nurse who ran out with great speed, i succeed in slipping away from their hold and made my way out of the hospital edifice

“donald wait up” mr jude yell on top of his voice but i wasn’t ready to stop

“but where will i find her? how do i know their base? what if they are more than my estimation? what if they??? That was the question running through my trouble heart, i walk down a lonely street not knowing where am going to and it was dark already

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Jane POV

“dumb ass, wake up you’ve over sleep here” a musculine voice said harhly

“oochh” i yell as i held my head in pain, the headache was too much for my liking, the guy walked to me again with a syring containing a green fluid “please dont inject me with that” i plead with tears when i realise that the guy before me isn’t friendly

“don’t worry it will relief u of that headache when you awake up” he let out a wicked grinned, before i could protest again he dawn the content in my vein, in a minute i started feeling dizziness, before i past out, i woke up again to see three mean looking face staring at me with disgust, a man in about fifty or fifty two years sat on a chair in the room crossing his leg

“so Jane Edward, finally you and your brother are here with me” he smiled wickedly

“what do you want from us?” i summoned courage and asked him the question she has been dying to ask the person that has been making us live a fearful life

“well your father cause this to you, he tried to play smart on me” he stood up then walked to the bed i sat on

“donald will kill you for this” i shift backward, he stop coming closer

“you mean that JUNGLE BOY?, c’mon he won’t find us here you know, i still have a case with him and that of his master” i gasped

“what? you mean you know him?” i ask shaking

“yeah, right from his childhood, i only choose to let him live but he’s now becoming a pain in the ass which i need to fix him soon, i mean soon” he walk to the door then exit while the guys follow suite, they secured the lock from outside, i sigh and lay back on the bed drowsing in thought

to be continue