The Jungle Boy Episode 23


“please whats my offence that u can’t let me go” jerry ask as soon as drake strolled into the room he was locked in “aren’t you going to say something?” he asked again when the man behind the mask didn’t reply, drake in the other hand didn’t want to give him the impression that he came to hurt or do anything nasty to him

“only one man here has the power to set you free but you can have your freedom, if only you can escape in the hard way” drake explained in a hush tone

“how do i go about that?” jerry lit up

“make sure you are not spot and take” he through a folded short plain sheet paper to him “that’s the map which will help you out of this edifice” he added then walk to the door for exit

“wait! why are you helping me?” jerry question

“i don’t know” he replied dryly then walk out and shut the door behind him, so many question run through jerry’s head as if it would explored but the mask man was gone

“i won’t sit back and let this opportunity for escape slip through me” he stood up then walk to the door and turn the door nob but suprisingly it was lock “f-k, this fool played me” he murmured


the trees in the jungle was busy dancing to the breeze which penetrated the vicinity where Donald, Daniel, Jane and Mr Jude stood, they where on martial art physical trainning

“remember, don’t let your emotions get the better part of you, or you will get to find yourself in drastic situation” mr jude explained with all seriousness

“sir how and when are we heading to their hideout, i wont forgive myself if anything happen to him” Jane said sobberly while donald walk over to her in a bide to console her “donald what do u think u are about to do?” mr jude yelled making him to stop in his track while maintaining a sorry gaze with Jane

“it’s okay Jane, nothing will happen to your brother” daniel said calmly

“jane all we need now is the lead which daniel here is working on it” mr jude explained while donald didn’t know what to say or do, just as donald tried to move a dagger fly straight to his left arm

“Donald!!!!!!!!” Jane scream running toward the already fallen Donald, daniel and Mr Jude did quick roll behind a fallen dry tree immediately, Jane got to Donald, another flew to her direction but Donald did a Chinese get up and pushed Jane to the ground while the dagger penetrate his right chest region, Donald fell down helplessly, mr jude seeing this did a double roll then pull out the dagger, threw it at the direction in which it came from, four masked men came out walking toward mr jude and the unconcious Donald, Jane came out from her hiding with a flying kick straight to one of the masked man who happen to be leo, he stagger back before he could say jack, mr jude has send two men down with a spear and midair punch, daniel charge at leo but was knock down with ease while the remain one masked man twist Jane arm backward, before daniel and mr jude knew it, they zoomed off with Jane

“oh my goodness” mr jude exclaim bitterly

“we are sorry Donald” Daniel said to the unconcious donald laying helpless on the ground

to be continue