The Jungle Boy Episode 22


“this is too much for me” Dr steve lamented in his room “how could i be held hostage in a location i don’t know, what is of my family” a drop of tears escape his eye “God please help me out of here is” he found himself praying, he couldn’t remember when last he did that

“i think he (God) will grant you your request in hell” leo replied walking into Dr steve room, his presence left steve speechless

“what do u want from me” Dr steve later found his voice

“nothing, absolutely nothing but your life” leo replied with sarcasm

“then do it now and here” Dr steve sniff

“wow it seem someone is more ready than i thought”

“just do it and spare me those scraps i know he sent you” Dr steve found an unexpected courage in which was far away from him since he was kidnapped, just as leo pulled out his pistol to aim at Dr steve his connection device which look like a wrist watch blink

“ssshhhit” he course understand his breath “i’ll surely come and finish u up” he stuck his gun back to his waist region then zoom off in a flash



“i don’t know how they discovered our base, i think the fault is from Danero here” mr mashal blunt out as soon as they all settled in their various seats.

“sir the man behind this discovery is currently here in town” danero informed while mr mashal smile in contentment.

“the deed as been done, i know they’ll be coming down here sooner or later” he replied then pick a remote control, press a botton on it and a map appear probably the city map

“sir what’s this for?” draake aske

“danero can take it from here” mr mashal drop the remote and sat back on his chair, pato and leo will go with two other men to the location that will be sent into your device after this meeting, drake and padro with two men to their resident

“this is gonna be adventurous” leo exclaim with a smile

“yeah it should be” drake replied as they stood up to leave

“the mission is scheduled for 2pm tomorrow, mr mashal echoo

“what???” they all exclaim

“yeah, day mission, its gonna be adventurous” drake looked at leo mockingly

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“so Daniel how was your flight” mr jude sat adjacent daniels couch

“its was okay” he replied

“where is donald sir, since i came in” he stop half way when the main entrance door open and a tired donald stroll in with Jane behind him

“hey” Jane greeted


“what” donald exclaim

“donald what?” daniel trailed off

“what’s going on here” mr jude intervene

“uncle he is my friend back there in lagos” donald explained

“wow what a world, daniel is Mr James nephew” mr jude informed, by now they were in a tight hug

“i thought i wouldn’t see you again” dan said with excitement

“well you did and i think you’re not going anytime soon” donald replied

“who is she?” daniel asked referring to Jane

“oh sorry my bad, meet Jane Edward my girlfriend and Jane meet Daniel David my very best friend” donald introduce them with a smile

“nice meeting you” daniel said stretching his hand for a shake

“my pleasure” she replied and took his hand calmly then withdraw in a flash

“so won’t i be introduce” mr jude chipped in while they all bursted out laughing out loud

to be continue