The Jungle Boy Episode 21


Evil doers never experience peace, they spend their time executing evil plans, whenever mr marshal is in his office he is always planning and thinking on how to take people who are on his way, there’s another people who are after him but who are they? Does it mean mr edward heir them? Or probably chief peter? That was the questions running through his trouble mind

“no they can’t do that” he voice out not minding the presence of leo

“boss who are they that you’re referring to?” leo inquire with concern

“i want you boys to strike those men before the end of this week” he order while sitting on his swivel chair, his cellphone rang, on checking he discover the caller is one of his spy agent he place to watch mr edward resident

“two men on power bike? are they with a form of arms? okay keep watch and follow them up” the call disconnected “razor told me now that two men drove into mr edward’s resident” he calmly inform leo

“so boss what do we do now?” leo asked

“no changing of plan” he replied then bury his face on his laptop, leo seeing that his boss wont say anything again excused himself and exit the office

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Mr jude and Donald alight the bike they came with, they unhook the strap of their helmet and place it between their armpit region, mr jude was on a black fitted jeans trouser and a body fit green t-shirt and a brown jacket while Donald choose to go with black sweatpants and a white T-shirt accompany with a blank hood, they match inside led by a security agent into the massive and well spacious living room where mr and mrs edward was anxiously waiting for donald

“sir they are here” the security man inform mr edward who was confuse about the (THEY) he was referring to, his confusing state was cut short when Donald and mr jude step in

“good afternoon sir” donald bow alittle

“goo………., what edward?” mr jude scream in astonishment

“jude what re you doing here?” mr edward replied mr jude with another question

“can someone tell me what is going on here” mrs edward yelled confusedly

“honey meet jude my friend and roommate back then in school” mr edward introduce “jude meet”

“hey no need for that now, i already know she is your wife” they burst out laughing

“oh sorry my bad come have a sit”


“Now have come to understand this that there is a connection between those mask men and us” mr jude said while mr edward sat down thinking on how to solve the problem at hand

“how are we going to rescue my brother” jane ask impatiently not interested in what they were saying

“calm down jane we’ll get your brother out from there” mr jude calmly reply

“when and how?” mrs edward who was silently sobbing ask

“dont worry honey he’ll be out alive” mr edward pat his wife

“Sir we promise to rescue your son” donald assured they discuss before they the left



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