The Jungle Boy Episode 20


In the early hour of the day, mr and mrs edwards could be seen on their nightwear sitting in their well furnished sitting room with two men sitting on the opposite direction, one of the men was on uniform, probably nigerian police uniform while the order with mufty

“inspector i’m so disappointed in you, my son was kidnap five days ago and you couldn’t find any trace which can lead to the rescue of my son?” mr edward ask displeased.

“sir we’re doing everything within power to bring back your son to you” inspector Umoh assured but wasn’t bought by the couple who were broke to be claim easily

“please inspector do anything you can” mrs edward broke down in tears, she choke on her words, her husband draw her to himself and consoled her.

“sir we should be on our way now” the two men stood up and walk out, just then Jane came down the stairs, she looked lean its obvious she was crying all night because her eyelip did well by swelling and puffing, her parent turn to her.

“mum, dad am going out to see a friend” she inform with sad face.

“what???” her mum and dad exclaim in unison “you know is not safe out there?” her dad remind her

“just go upstairs jane, i don’t want to loose the both of you” mrs edward sobed

“i want to go see donald” she inform

“donald? Oh that boy? Why can’t you call him over?” mr edward asked, she thought for awhile then turn back to the staircase


“dan how are you today?” leo asked immediately he stroll into danero’s cubicle

“i would have been better if not for some idiot who tried to hack into our database” danero replied glance at leo

“where is drake?”

“i’m here” they shift their gaze to the entrance door “how are you guys?” drake inquired sitting on a spare table inside the large hall with of types of computers and gadgets

“oh thank goodness my buddy is back to his normal self” leo exclaim happily while danero stared at him confusely, drake only smile

“so how is the guy we you brought in five days ago?” drake inquired looking a bit serious

“that guy is purely dad’s or mum’s boy, he is been crying begging to be set free” leo brag with enthuasm

“danero what’s up?” drake move close to him.

“pheeeew nothing bro”

“the boss want to use him as a bait to get others, i guess u know what i mean” leo inform while drake nod

“those men dr steve work on finished their training yesterday” he pause to read drake action but found nothing suspicious he continue “so we’ll be striking anymore from now”

“great idea” drake said in a whisper which could be heard

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“uncle the whole thing now is confusing” donald adjust on the couch they sat in their not so big sitting room each busy with his thought before he broke the silence

“confusing how?” mr jude ask donald

“since they abduction of jerry those abductors doesn’t call or demand for anything, don’t you think they may want to use him as a bait?” donald explain throwing mr jude into another series of thought

“errhhhmm, that’s true” mr jude finally replied

“so do we still wait?” donald ask

“yeah till daniel arrived tomarrow” mr jude replied

“oh daniel is coming down here” donald exclaim with excitement on his tone, just then his cellphone rang and they both turn to the dinning table, he rush to the dinning table without checking he pick the call

“okay i’ll be there in 20minute” he said and the call disconnected he look at mr jude who was staring at him

“uncle jane ask me to visit her cause she isn’t allowed to go out” donald inform mr jude

“then let’s go together”

“ok lemme change up” in no time they hit the road heading to mr edward’s resident…

To be continue


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