The Jungle Boy Episode 19


donald follow to mr jude who was heading to his room,

“wait uncle, what do you mean by jerry was kidnapped on his way to the airport??” donald ask feeling his heart beat harder than normal, mr jude ignore his question and sat on his bed staring at Donald.

“currently we can track him down according to daniel” mr jude said looking away off donald

“i need to call Jane to be sure she’s fine” donald made to walk out but stop on his track when he heard sir jude voice “you said what?” he glance at the mr jude who then was opening his closet, mr jude gesture him to wait after like 2minute he drag a bag out from there “whats in there? Uncle” donald assk coming close to view what was the content of the bag “what??? Uncle you….” donald trailed off when he saw different weapons like Bow and Arrow Sword Knife Hooks “wow uncle this is amazing” donald exclaim with a smile

“i knew we’ll be needing it someday, thats why i kept it in a save place” mr jude replied smiling

“so uncle what next?” donald ask eagerly

“nothing, i mean we just wait while we be conscious of every movement” mr jude replied put a frown on donald’s face

“okay” he said with unsatisfied expression

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“who are you and what do u want from me?” jerry ask as soon as a guy came into the room he was kept hostage

“the boss will be glad to answer those questions” he sat on the available chair in the room, jerry sat quitely remincing on how he was abducted without the security being aware, he thought about his family and his travel and why he was abduct but he couldn’t figure out why he was abducted and kept hostage in an unknown location

“what’s on your mind” the guy asked bring him back from his thought

“whats on my mind? Like serious, aren’t you aware that i am supposed to be in london now?” jerry yelled

“we are aware” the guy replied

“i want to go” jerry said calmly, the guy stood up and walk to the door open it then turn toward jerry

“say that to the boss” he close the door and walk out


“darling Jerry hasn’t call since he left for airport” mrs edward sat next to her husband

“maybe he is busy, he’ll call when he’s less busy” mr edward replied dropping his news paper, just then his cellphone rang with an unknown number, he stare for a while before picking up

“hello, “what?” he almost passed out when Jerry’s voice screaming in pains “please just let go of him i’ll do anything you want” he nodded “okay, 7pm please dont hurt him” the call disconnected

“honey what happen?” mrs edward asked visibly shaking fearing for the worse

“jerry was kidnapped” he blunt out staring into the space

“oh my God i’m finished” mrs edward wailed while her husband tried to console her

*will jerry be save?*

to be continue