The Jungle Boy Episode 18


“good job steve, i know you will make me proud” mr marshal grin Dr steve kept quite staring into the oblivion “steve what are you thing?” mr marshal ask bring Dr steve out from his thought

“i want to go back to my family” Dr steve blunt out staring at mr marshal.

“oh your family?”

“yes my family, i want to go back to them”

“that’s very thoughtful of you” Dr steve stood up

“ i’ll get back at you, don’t be too surprise” dr steve added

“wow you’ve grown big wings, don’t worry i’ll get you somebody to fix that” he laugh out.

Dr steve walked out of his office with a heavy heart praying that God should keep his family save (doctor steve Odey who study science abroad, his dad chief peter Odey warned him not to return to nigeria after he completed his master’s degree but he refuse, claiming that he want to settle down in nigeria where he got married with a kid before his abduction by mr marshal maskmen, they frame a lie that dr steve travelled abroad)

“leo very soon the 5men will join you guys at your training room” mr marshal spoke to leo through the intercom, he dropped without waiting for any reply

“my candidate must go the governorship election since that man (chief peter) is still alive he wont support me” he said to himself

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“jane tell me what is going on with you?” mr edward asked jane who just return from her daily(martial art trainning) routine for the past two week

“how did you mean dad?” jane sat on the couch next to her dad

“what your dad mean is where do you always go to every morning and return in the evening just like today for the past two weeks?” mrs edward walked to them in the sitting room with a small hand towel obviously she was cooking

“well mum it confidential, but i promise you is not something bad” jane tried to convince her parent

“hmmmm, i just hope so” mr edward replied in resignation while mrs edward gave her daughter a searching look “erm mum is din-dinner ready” jane stutter

“of course” mrs edward reply sarcastically while walking back to kitchen


Donald was sleeping when he heard a soft knock on his door, he knew who was at the door

“come in” he yawn sitting up, mr jude walked to the single sofa in his room and sat staring at him

“uncle, you are behaving strange, what is it?” donald ask when it seem mr jude is not ready to utter a word or start a conversation

“the masks men has finally discover us” mr jude then took his stare off donald

“what? I mean how? Who” donald stutter “we have to do something uncle”

“yeah that is when they decide to come for us” mr jude reply, Donald inhale deeply

“thank Goodness we are now three” mr jude added

“what uncle? No no no you can’t include jane on this” donald rebuke mr jude idea of including jane to their group

“she will include herself when the news finally reach her that her brother has been abducted on his way to the airport” mr jude stood up

“what? are you kidding me? How did you know all this things?” Donald ask eagerly

“DANIEL” mr jude reply and exit the room…

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