The Jungle Boy Episode 17


don’t lay there and whine, get on your feet baby” donald let a small smile, Jane ignore him and stood up while dusting her dress

“am sorry ja…..”

“save it donald” she barked glaring at donald

“then u…” donald trailed off Jane started walking toward the exit of the jungle

“jane wait, i didn’t do it intensional, i only want you to be strong, for me and for us” donald felt bad explaining to Jane.

Jane stood at the spot, a voice yelled on her head to walk away while the order kick against it.

“i can’t hurt u jane cause u are a part of me” donald walked close to her

“i want u to know self defence skills, i promise to take it gently with you” “promise???”

“c’m on baby, i cross my heart” Jane turn to donald without a smile while donald smiled

== 2hour later ==

“always remember to study your opponent move and be at alert cause your opponent may attack from behind” donald kept explainning further

“how about we do same physical trainning?” Jane suggest

“nopes” donald replied sharply


“i don’t want to end up pissing you off again” donald smiled

“whatever, let do this” she threw a punch to donald jaw followed by a kick, donald dodge effortless then bent and send a punch to her stomach but didn’t hit her, she place her two hands on the ground and jump on donald neck which took donald unaware, they felt on the ground rolling, donald unwrap her leg from his neck and did a quick stands

“wow my baby is doing great and catching up pretty fast” donald exclaim with a big grin, they walk to the fallen tree and relaxed before they decide to head home not with a hot romance and series of kiss

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“that’s it, you did a great job my boy” mr marshal grin staring at the files provided by seun of the spy to mr marshal organization of assassination (Lol)

“this is a great information so far seun”

“thank you sir” seun replied with a smile

“one month vacation to any of the country” mr marshal offer a free trip to seun

“wow thank’s sir”

“Yuu may now leave, tomorrow your flight will be ready by 12noon” seun left with a great excitement


“donald i think you are right, make her do some physical training, it may help because i feel that those men are laying low for a while to watch then they strike from the weak point” mr jude explain after donald told him his day adventure with jane at the Jungle

“that means she’ll be training with you?” donald ask

“if she will buy to the idea” mr jude replied, sip his drink, donald nod in response



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