The Jungle Boy Episode 16


¤¤ “sir they are ready” Dr Steve said after a long silence ensued. immediately he step into mr marshal massive office mr marshal grin widely then motion steve to sit down

“i knew you will succeed, my boy did a good job in checking you out” he started then sip his wine

“how do you mean sir?” steve stared at him with total confusion

“steven with time everything will be clear to you, for now we need to celebrate” he replied without interest

“i’m not interest in any form of celebration” steve shrug

“whatever steve, just go finish up and get them ready for trainning” he stated with a tone of finality, steve stood up then stared at him for a while

“your end and that of your empire is fast approaching” steve flash him a fake smile then walk out of the office

“yours is just within” he smile wickedly at retreating figure of Dr steve ¤¤¤


“what up?”

“l’m fine bro” pato sat down next to drake on the cushion in his room.

“you’re so withdrawn since our last mission, what’s wrong with you?”

“nothing” drake replied sharply they sat in silence for awhile before pato broke it

“you know if the boss get to know this your quitness, mehnn you should know what it means” pato pat his back

“come to thing of, is assasination a dream job?” drake turn to pato who was shocked with drake outburst

“ermmm drake are you okay?” pato whisper glancing every corner of the room as if someone was staring at them “i think your emotions are overwhelming you” he added, drake stared at him for a while then looked away

“you are paid well, and you are the best among us as the field agent” pato continue

“i guess you don’t know my story pato” drake voice out in a choking voice

“everybody has a story, i mean the bad one but in some situation we have no choice” pato replied with a remorse clearly visible

“that’s true, one day the lion who keep tearing other animals apart will surely be dead in his den” drake conclude with a smile but a sad one, pato stared at him for awhile then look away ¤¤¤

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“you mean this is where u learn how to fight kungfu” Jane said while laughing alittle, Donald decided to visit the jungle but jane called so they could hangout together, Donald choose the jungle because thats where he felt calm when he is there

“do you want to know some fighting skills?” Donald walked to jane who was using one of their training stick

“yes i really want to know” jane replied curiously

“then come with me” Donald walk away into the deepest part of the JUNGLE, when they sat on a fallen tree, silence envelop them

“i love you jane”

“i love you don” they smile at each other, Donald stoop up, walked a few step then ran back to jane then send a punch to jane shoulder, it caught her, she fell down rolling Donald stood there staring at jane who was struggling to stand on her feet . . .



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