The Jungle Boy Episode 15


Donald wasn’t his self throughout the night, the thought of him trying to be soft with the maskman he met at chief peter’s resident kept troubling him, the funiest part was that he didn’t regret doing the blaring sound of his alarm clock brought him back from his reveries

“ouchhh it’s 7:00am already” he mutter to himself while rolling of the duvet of his bare skin, he walk to a big mirror on his room and stood there, checking himself before walking to the bathroom to freshen up, donald a young hansome guy, fair skin with immature beard which stood round his jaw, average height but muscline couple with broad chest, his age can’t be guess easily unless told, he took his mind to the incident of the past 10year, tears drop from his eye and he wiped it off but creaming himself

“i must revange your deaths” he thought aloud, he pick his cloths and walk out of the house without informing mr jude with one place on his mind THE JUNGLE

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“how dare you tell me that?”

“just a mission that took a whole two week to strategize could not be accomplish? common what were u idiot thinking?” mr marshal kept shouting on top of his voice at drake and others

“we are sorry, we didn’t expect an extra attack apart from the main security guard there” padro replied facing the tiles floor

“which attacked are you talking about?” mr marshal looking shocked to hear that

“sir it happen…


After pato and leo succeeded in escaping through the gate while the police van were fast approaching, they had to wait in their vehicle for drake and padro, meanwhile after donald said those word to drake they stood transfixed before mr jude dive and deliver a punch to drake face, donald hearing the bang on the main door took off through the back door, drake roll on the rug and dashout toward donald direction, padro follow suite, followed by mr jude before the main door flung open at the fence which has electric barb wire, donald threw two pair of hand glove to drake and padro, they succeeded in scaling through the fence, drake and padro head toward their car while mr jude and donald to their bike


“now go get me doctor steve and live my sight fools” mr marshal bark, they took off without a second glance.

to be continue