The Jungle Boy Episode 14


Donald couldn’t prolong the fight because he ought to keep close to mr jude as they were not with any communicating gadget, mr jude on the otger hand was also going for donald so they go for the chief but his search went short as daniel voice came to his bluetooth

“donald is inside already”

“so swift like a flash legend” he smile at the way donald was active and swift with ease, he found himself in the sitting room, he could hear footsteps coming from behind and opposite direction, he roll behind a couch which he hide for a while then saw a figure coming from the kitchen the sound of the police siren maked donald stop on his track but was reward with a blow from one of the masks men(Drake) and he flew to the groud, mr jude threw a dagger to drake, it stuck on his left arm, padro rush at mr jude but was send back with a punch from donald who pretended to be much affected by blow drake gave him (that’s his tradition to pretend as to view his opponent next move) by now the police was in the edifice with their gun ready for action while chief peter was still in his room still lock with daniel’s help

“put your weapon down and rise up” the police scream from outside into the megaphone, drake glance at padro in the way that shown they were in for it

“let’s get out of here, will sure meet some other time” donald suprisingly said to drake, mr jude seems to be startled with what donald just said

“drop your weapon and step out” the megaphone sounded again ¤¤

“sir the cops are here but the doors are still lock” chief peters personal gaurd complained

“put a call to Uche” he order eagerly to see the cops ¤¤ the police waited for 10minute but couldn’t see the door open, they storm into the house but found empty space, inspector Jim was about going up the stairs when chief peter decend with his gaurd toward inspector jim

“did you arrest the idiots?” came chief peter after seeing numerous dead bodies of his guard on the ground

“they escape sir” jim reply trying to glance at the angry chief

“then i want you to find them” chief peter roar in anger, if only he knows that the case will be a drop case when he(jim) leave the premise

“ok sir” he reply and took his leave accompany with his men ¤¤

“donald you’re too emotional can’t you see?” mr jude scold him totally pissed after donald said that to drake at chief peter’s house, donald developed a soft spot for drake although drake left with padro without a word from him as well as a glance too

“uncle am sorry” he apologise abruptly

“you said sorry? You know u could complicate things here, who knows if they have gadget with them back there that could enable them to hear you from their base.” he spat angryly, donald kept silent staring at nothing in particular, mr jude sprang to his foot then storm out of the sitting room to his room

“donald you are such an a*****e, they wipe your family away donald, are you stupid?” he scold himself before leaving to his room . . .

To be continnue