The Jungle Boy Episode 13


Drake and padro head toward the back of the fence surrounding chief peter’s mansion, pato and leo hide themselve beneath a bushy flower planted in the front vicinity of the fence waiting for the power to go off in other to gain access into main building, they new that the cctv rotating has no use as danero took charge of them,

“4,3,2,1 out” immediately the count down was complete by danero the power went off leaving the whole mansion in totally darkness

“goodboy” leo mumble with a chuckle like whisper, going in through the huge fence wasn’t a problem to them as they were professional in their job, padro shot two guard dead as they were going toward his direction where he hide behind the power house wall, they fail to notice padro was to hide there and kill anybody who comes to restore the power till drake got into the house, the power restore back after he shot the two guards

“what???” they chorus in unison

“what’s happening dan” drake whisper while roll behind a couch at the massive sitting room cause two guard saw him roll and shooting at his direction


“sir they are caught by the guards there” daniel inform mr jude over there phone

“what about the police, did you send an emergency message to them?” mr jude question pacing his room with his phone still glue to his ear,

“yes sir, and the cheif is on a call now, i think he is speaking with the commissioner of police”

“good if there is a need to join the scene get me inform”

“okay sir” the call disconnected, mr jude walked to his closet drag out a big long bag which contain two chinese sword and some others weapon and some costume like that of ninja

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Leo and pato were now throwing daggers and shooting guards at any point they saw them, they were very shift with the act

“drake are u not done with the chief?” padro question feeling impatient

“the door to his bedroom lock automatically” drake sound from the top, he succeeded in taking five guard out in their sitting room

“dan what’s up, do something about this electronic door, i cant get in there” drake yelled, truth be told the mission was not as he plans, they have eliminate top personnels who were more tougher than chief peter and the situation they are in now is confusing them although they were more than capable

“i just lost view of you guys so be carefull” dan broke the worst news to them

“not again” pato lamented with frustration clearly in his voice

“blind all cameras” drake yelled while shooting at a guard which he missed, they shot all camera and it went blank at daniels monitoring gadget


“sir the scene is blank now and the cops are not moving”

“that means am going over there” mr jude took his costume and change into it, after he was done he walked to Donald room to check up on him

Mr jude walked silently to Donald’s room, he didnt want to involve him in the mission, to his dismay donald wasn’t asleep, he was doing some works on his laptop, mr jude tried to close the door back thinking donald didn’t see him

“have a mission today?” donald ask closing his laptop while smiling at mr jude “can i join you, i guess it will be fun uncle” he jump to his feet

“donald this mission is emergency and it deadly one” mr jude tried to convince donald who was wearing his costume made of black velvet with a mask on his face, he did a sign to mr jude telling him that he is ready, when ever they re on their costume they use sign language to communicate, they left the room to their mini garage where they took a power bike and zoom off to chief peter’s mansion.

After few minute they arrived and parked their bikes at a conducive spot and head toward the house with their sword hung majestically on their back, mr jude did a sign to donald telling him to take the back fence route while he make use of the gate

“daniel the power” mr jude said to his Bluetooth that was connected to his phone, the power went off in no time, they were inside the edifice, daniel restore the power back, mr jude stood at a spot staring at leo and pato who were surprised to see him, they rush to him with different karate skills, mr jude did nothing to them as he dodge them and disappear to the dark part of the edifice ¤

Donald walked cautiously toward the back door of the mansion, he sighted the door when he dropped from the fence scaling, a kick was deliver to his stomach, the attacked took him unaware, he pretend to be affected by the kick so as to view the attacked, he roll on the interlock ground to a flower pot, then stood up waiting for him to lunch another, padro race toward Donald with a midair kick but was quick enough to double roll himself on the ground, the attacked went on till Donald escape in search of mr jude.

to be continue