The Jungle Boy Episode 12


“hello” donald greet as soon as Jane answered the call

“hi dear, thank God you finally called” she replied weakly

“you know i would call although it late already” he glance at the wall clock at the left side of the wall

“i was about sleeping, anyway dad called a registered security company for well trained security agents” she informed

“humm, thats a good idea, that mean you can’t go out without a guard?” donald asked curiously

“yeah dad insist we go out with a guard but jerry isn’t please with the idea” she replied sobberly

“its okay, everything will be alright” it seem the word just stab Jane as she started crying, this makes Donald boiled in angry wishing he could lay his hands on the fools that is making his Jane unconfortable, he made a mental note to be watching them cause he felt that those security agent ain’t enough

“sorry baby, i’ll protect u with all my power even though it mean laying my life in the process” donald said folding his fist

“okay, i trust and believe you donald” she replied sniffing

“Jane i won’t forgive myself if anything happen to you, can we meet tomorrow?” donald enquired

“i dont think so, dad want to see you ” she sniffed

“humm okay” he replied absentminded

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mr Jude was about sleeping when i call came into his phone that layed on a mini drawer beside his bed, he check the caller and found out that daniel is the caller, he answer the call on the second ring

“hello daniel, it late you know?” mr jude spout calmly

“sir the mask men are in a car on IBB highway, i think they re on a mission” daniel informed

“what!!! Okay keep watching them closely while we are still on the call for instruction” mr jude order, what are they up to this time aroung? Who is their victim? How do i stop them?

“sir they pull over at diamond hill street few meters to a white painted mansion” daniel describe their current location that match chief peter’s resident

“oh no that cant happen, Chief Peter’s house?” mr jude exclaimed “now do anything you can to alert the securities as soon as they are in the premises”

“ok sir lets get to work then” daniel disconnect the call


drake, leo, padro and patto arrived at chief peters street, they parked their car some distance away from the building

“now here is the strategy, leo and pato are to take down the guards out while padro and i go for the target” drake informed the group, they nodded and dispatch to their task

to be continue