The Jungle Boy Episode 11


Donald got home exhausted, he tried to sneak into his room without mr jude seeing his tiredness state but the reverse was the case as mr jude was seatted comfortably on his favourite sittee

“bravo, who taught you that?” mr jude ask immediately donald settled on a couches near him.

“what!!!” he adjust

“hmmm i mean the stalker, i thought he caught up with you” mr jude said to Donald who was now confused and shock due to his posture and facial expression

“hey don’t be like that! U know i have to ensure your safty while you are aware with your new found love” mr jude chuckle at his own word

“uncle i dont understand, how did you know i was stalk along with her” he ask suspiciously mr jude adjusted.

“don, since you saved that girl, i mean mr edward daughter, those mask men noted you so they may come for you anytime, any moment, that why i ask Daniel to keep an eye on you with his computer each time you are out” mr jude explained to Donald who relex and calm “dont be supprise when they finally come for you” mr jude stood up and walk to the kitchen to get water then back to the sitting room

“then i’m gladly waiting for them” donald said with a smile on his lips

“wrong word cos they may get u in your weak point so beware” he faced the TV set, Donald excuss himself to his room to shower then called Jane, he kept remincing on mr jude word

“what weak point could that be” he thought to himself then shrugged the thought away

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Mr marshal pace up and down in his office with his arm fold backwardly, thinking on one of his evil plans, just then a knock sound on his door

“who is that b******d? Get your ass in here” he bark in an angry tone, the door open then Drake walked in face down, he knew what is to befall him, much scolding “u underestimated that guy the second time, right?” he ask angrily

“am sorry sir, i was…

“shut the f**k up b*****d” he yelled at drake who stood his ground head bent “now get others, i have a mission for you that you must complete before dawn” he said sitting on the sitter next to his big table “danero will provide the details, now get your ass out my office” he yelled

“yes boss” drake bow and left

“idiot the election period will soon arrived and you are still doing nothing” he said to himself.

========================== @TECHNOLOGY UNIT

“Dan are you aware that this mission is tough to be completed in just a night?” leo ask danero with anger

“easy dude am not the boss here you should go inquired from him” danero replied when his eye still glue to his computer

“and why did he demand the murder of chief peter?” padro ask no one in particular

“the boss can answer that perfectly” drake replied sarcastically Paul who was busy playing game on his phone shrugged and murmur some inaudible word to himself ABOUT CHIEF PETER, chief peter is a prominent man in the state who is known by everybody, he is a big business man although rumor had it that he is into drugs but there is no evidence for that yet, he is a member of house of representative, he is against electing mr marshal as the state governor


they were set to be departed to their mission, each with his earpiece for connection, Danero gave them the blueprint of the house he hack and downloaded, he set to work in order to serve as an eye for them, he has already hack into all the cameras in the house . . . .

DO U THINK THEY WILL ACCOMPLISH THE MISSION??? let look forward to episode 12