The Jungle Boy Episode 10


Donald feeling for jane was now obvious that he seems to forget his aim to find who the masks men are working for, its seems he cannot keep the feeling in check as they spoke endlessly on phone, so he made up his mind to pour out his feeling to her.

Its was a hot afternoon but the air condition in transcope resturant make it soothing, sitting at the far end of the resturant is Donald glancing through the entrance door at interval, he was really looking anxious, nervous at the same time

”oh will she accept me? what if she turn me down? what will be my fate?” he was still asking those question in his mind when he heard a familiar voice l, he look up and behold Jane in her glory glooming.

”h h hi” he stutter.


“you look breathe taking”

“thanks dear and you are not bad either” she took her sit opposite him, he signal for the waitress to come take their orders, some minute later their orders were served, they ate in silence before Jane broke it

“i notice you been staring at me since we started our meal” she took a sip from her drink

”ouch, you got me, i was just staring at your beautiful face” he replied confidently since he has made up his mind

”really?” she ask excitedly but maturedly

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“can u see his face now?” drake said to his wireless earpiece connected to danero at their base

”yeah” dan replied

“i’ll follow him to his place then we take him down at night” drake suggested

“do u think that’s a good idea?” dan ask calmly

“yeah i think so” drake sip his drink he order when he came in some minute after donald walk into the restaurant, so he has been watching him as well as the little wireless mini webcam he place at the table facing donald which danero connect to and watch too from base


“i love you jane” he said emotionally Jane kept quite for a while then Donald started feeling nervous thinking he’s going to be turn down

“what took you so long?” she smiled, Donald held her hand and said

“i promise to love and protect you even laying down my life in the process” he said whole heartedly

“and i promise to love you till the end” she reciprocate with a little drop of tears in her eye, he cleans it using his thumb

” i think we are been watched! we should leave here” Donald told Jane who got scared “relax am here okay” she nodded while they payed their bills and exit the resturant


“that guy is smart you know” drake said to dan over the earpiece

“yeah but he can’t outsmart us”

“yeah sure, lemme fellow him”

“becareful” dan warn drake, he stood up payed for his drink, pick his phone and the webcam and exit the resturant too


“he is on it” Donald said glancing through the side mirror

“who?” jane ask more scared, what she normally watch in movies is actually happening to her and her boyfriend but she believe in him cause he has save her once so he trust him since then

“pull over” donald said to her calmly, she obligue and pull over, donald took over the wheel while drake in the other drove pass them and claim to ask for a direction, donald pass him and he follow suite but he was disappointed when donald shoke him off, donald drove Jane home then took a cab home too . . .