The Jungle Boy Episode 9


======TWO MONTH TIME=======

Its been two month and nothing happen not even an attacked from the unknown masked men, in the order hand Donald couldn’t take his mind off Jane since they met at the shopping mall, but he normally acted cool in order not to be carried away (you know what i mean lol) he sometimes ignore her calls,

“so uncle when are we getting the equipment for the building” donald adjusted to face mr Jude who was reading a newspaper.

“donald all the facilities we need will be shipped into the country next four months time” mr jude explained to donald dropping the newspaper beside him on a side stool.

“ok thats good but…….” donald couldn’t complete his sentence when a call came into his cellphone, he check the identity and found out that Jane was the caller, he sigh and ignored returning his attention to mr jude who urge him to pick the call, he obligue instantly.


“hi donald”


“morning, how re you?”

“am good what about you”

“am not good, but why?

“What is it?” donald became worried with the response but he mask it with motionless expression.

“i will only be fine if you hang out with me today”

“hang out with you today?” donald glance through mr jude, he smiled at him with the expression that he should accept her proposal.

“yes don” jane reply sobberly.

“ok what time”

“1pm will be ok” she sounded happy.

“ok then, where wil…….” donald couldn’t complete the sentence as she interrupt him,

“dont worry i’ll pick you in any location you want so get ready” she conclude with a chuckle.

“ok your majesty” donald chuckle too while jane laughed, mr jude just smile and shake his head, when donald drop the call mr jude said something that make donald laugh very hard

“she will make a good wife i guess” mr jude said smiling while donald laugh heartily

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Donald and Jane walked in elegantly as newly wedded couple cause they fit together, they located an empty table and sat at the far end of the resturant session, a waitress walk to them immediately they settle to take their orders with a menu handed over to Jane first then to donald, after some minutes she came back with their orders.

“yeah here they are” Jane said excitedly “i hope u will enjoyed it” donald smile “i always make a good choice so me choosing here isn’t a mistake cause their meal is always great” she explained to impress donald who was already on his meal.

“its taste great, just eat yours” donald comment then Jane ask a question that make donald startled but he smile to compose himself.

“got a girlfriend?”

“nope” donald replied not looking up.


“what about you?” donald retaliate the question.

” no” she replied with the same manner Donald replied her.

Donald chuckle and look up to see Jane not eating anything from her food.

“what is it Jane”

“oh nothing” she seem startled.

“we are friends, you can tell me what is bothering you” Donald said holding her hands.

“do you really want to know?” she asked.

“yes and am curious”

“ok, you are the one who is bothering, you always avoid me since that incident at the mall” she look sad “and it seems you dont like me” she add almost in tears.

Donald was dumbfounded that he couldn’t say a word that moment.

“ok am sorry, i won’t ignore you or avoid you again from hence forth, and i like you more than you thought” donald said emotionally.

“really? That means a lot to me” she said with a smile, donald smiled too, he knew he has strong feelings for her but he cant say it out, the rest of the hangout was funfilled till they headed home at 5pm

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what do you have for me danero” mr marshal say into the landline.

“sir i spotted the same guy with the target daughter today at mirash hotel and resturant” he explain.

“who is that guy?” mr marshal asked .

“sir am yet to know, he was the one who corrupted my system with the dangerous virus while trying to track him” he explained.

“ok then, get more information about him as soon as possible” mr marsher ordered

“ok sir” the line disconnected . . .